Guinn cuts in between Eunick and Yaquel, and Sajis pulls Eunick away.


“Hey, you! Stay away from Yaquel!”

“No~! Yaquel~!”


Sajis holds Eunick who resists by flapping his legs. Even though the other party is that Sajis whom he couldn’t help falling for before, Eunick, who only has Yaquel in his eyes now, is hitting Sajis’s shoulders while saying, “Sajis-sama, let me go!”. 

When Sajis reluctantly let Eunick down on the spot, Eunick once again rushed towards Yaquel.


“Yaquel, happy birthday.”

“Thanks for coming, Eunick.”


Yaquel stroked Eunick’s head, who had become quieter. Eunick narrows his eyes and happily snuggles up to his hand.


“Oh, that’s right. I brought you a present, too.”

“You also prepared one for me, too?”

“Yup! Here, it’s this.”


He opens the flashy pink and red cloth and checks its content.


“Eunick, this is…”

“Tadah! It’s a RipoRipo costume that perfectly fits Yaquel~!”


LipoLipo is a small magic beast with long ears that inhabits the grasslands. Because they are very lovable and easy to keep, they have been very popular as pets in the Krantz Kingdom for a long time.

Eunick presented Yaquel with a fluffy LipoLipo-like costume and long ear headband.


“Eunick… isn’t this something that would look better on you?”

“That’s not true! Look! It looks perfect on you.”


Eunick put on the long-eared headband on Yaquel.

A big man who doesn’t have a beautiful face with a troubled expression and furrowed brows couldn’t possibly look good with a long-eared headband, and the comical appearance of that figure can be clearly seen from the way the clerk is laughing in the back.

But the eyes of Guinn, Sajis, and Eunick, who were looking at Yaquel through their Angel Filter turned into hearts and engraving Yaquel’s charming image into their eyes.



The sun is setting and the area is beginning to get dark little by little.

The clerk was so drunk that he fell asleep clinging to a tree. The prost*tutes have scribbles on their faces. And Retana and the head chef were watching the spectacle with a smile. Aria and Eunick were having beauty talks animatedly on the bench, while Guinn and Sajis discuss the future trends of the Krantz Kingdom.

The two of them may have a twisted relationship when it comes to Yaquel, but they seem to recognize each other as a person of merit who supports the country.

While cleaning up the empty dishes, Yaquel savored the happiness that his loved ones were there.


“Oh. It’s still ongoing?”

“Glad that we could make it.”


Yaquel was greatly surprised at the two men who came when the backdoor opened.


“Y, Your Majesty…! Prince Hylm!”

“Yaquel, I missed you.”

“Me, too.”


Alton and Hylm said “happy birthday” and took turns hugging Yaquel.


“Your Majesty, Your Highness, what brings you here…”


He wondered if it was Retana again, but looking at Retana’s eyes darting here and there from the shock of Alton and Hylm’s presence, he believed that she had no involvement in this time’s matter.


“Do you want to know?”



Laughing with a ‘huhuhu’, Alton calls Reno’s and Bang’s names. And the two who suddenly appeared like the wind stood behind Alton and Hylm.


“Our excellent intelligence officers checked out Yaquel’s birthday. Moreover, they dug out the information that you’re having a birthday party today. I want to celebrate this with you at all costs.”


Reno waved at Yaquel from behind Alton and Hylm, Bang bowed at him. Yaquel also bows his head in gratitude.


“We came here in disguise.”

“Look, I also look good in this traveling merchant’s clothes, don’t you think?”


Hylm proudly shows off.

Gray pants and beige tunic. He has a turban on his head and a beard. He really looks like a typical traveling merchant.

However, unfortunately, they can’t hide the indomitable physique and personality of a ruler which is unthinkable of that of a merchant. Actually, when Yaquel called them “Your Majesty” and Prince Hylm”, not one of Hana-Hana’s employees doubted him, and they’re still bowing their heads and kneeling on the ground to pay their respects.


“Oh my goodness…”


Yaquel bowed his head deeply, feeling sorry for letting the royal family do such a thing because of himself.


“Please forgive me, you had to do all of that just because of me…”

“Hey, stop it, Yaquel. Raise your head.”

“Do as he said, Yaquel. We’re here to greet you. Not to make you lower your head.”



Alton wrapped his arms around Yaquel’s waist and forced him to raise his head. And to those around him


“Raise your head, everyone. We are but mere merchants today. Please treat us with moderate respect.”


Hearing Alton’s words, everybody timidly raised his head.


“Oh dear, look at that, Yaquel. The lively atmosphere became heavy.”

“I, I’m sorry…”


It is unreasonable to tell them not to get nervous in front of His Majesty the King.


“Your Majesty, in order to resolve this situation, it is a little earlier than planned, but how about giving Yaquel the present?”


At Bang’s suggestion, Alton said, Oh! That’s good, let’s do it! and agreed.

Then, when Alton gave instructions to Reno, Reno held a long cylinder toward the sky and pulled the trigger, shooting a small smoke bomb.


“Watch, Yaquel.”


Alton pointed to the sky and whispered in his ear, giving Yaquel a gentle smile as he tilted his head.

And after a few tens of seconds, there was a bang-bang, bang-bang firing sound, and red, yellow, blue, and green columns of smoke rose in the sky.

It was the same smoke column that signaled the start of the harvest festival that Yaquel saw when he was under house arrest in the detached palace.


“This is…”

“I’m truly sorry for that time.”

“Your Majesty…”

“The people you wanted to watch these smoke pillars together with weren’t us at that time, right?”


At that time, the people he wanted to go to the festival with were the members of Hana-Hana.


“Because of us, you were deprived of having fun. We can’t redo the harvest festival, but the same smoke columns can be launched.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Are you happy?”


He’s probably really reflecting on it. He lowered his eyebrows apologetically, asking how Yaquel was feeling. Yaquel was so happy about with Alton’s feelings that


“Of course! Thank you very much!”


he conveyed his gratitude in the brightest voice he could.


“Then it’s my turn next.”


This time Hylm stood in front of Yaquel, pulled out his hand, and put his lips to the back of his hand.


“This is from me.”




“This is… me…?”


On the paper, Yaquel playing with a small bird was painted. Large wings are drawn on the back of Yaquel who is flooded with light. It was exactly like an angel, and peeking on that painting behind him, Alton exclaimed, Oooh!


“Recently, I started learning how to draw a little. I tried to draw your image as is.”

“Your Highness Hylm did this… Wow, you’re amazing!”


He’s not a caricature artist by profession, but he still draws very well. The details of the trees and grasslands in the background were well drawn, and he could tell that Hylm had spent a lot of time drawing them.


“Thank you very much. I will cherish it.”


Yaquel was very moved and held the colored paper to his chest. Then, a paper folded in four fell from behind the colored paper. “What is this?” Alton asks and picks it up.


“Ah, that’s!”


When Alton opened the inside, there was a picture similar to the colored paper he handed over. However, this time, the ink around the mouth was bleeding and the corners of the mouth were unnaturally raised.


“That’s a failure. The water distribution was wrong, and the facial expression became strange.”

“Indeed, this Yaquel looks bad. He’s more like a little devil than an angel.”


Hahaha, Alton laughs and makes fun of Hylm.


“That’s why I called it a failure. It was probably inserted there by mistake.”


After Hylm retrieved the failed painting from Alton, he tried to give it to Bang. However, Yaquel stopped him. 


“Your Highness, if you don’t mind, could I have that picture as well?”

“What? This is a failed painting, you know? This is ugly even if I were to say it myself.”

“It isn’t, this is another drawing of me which You Highness worked hard to make. It’s not a failure at all. I’m thankful for both pictures, and I’m very happy to have them.”

“Yaquel… ugh”


Hylm was at a loss for words at his kind consideration.


“…Then, can you accept this as well?”

“Yes, gladly.”


Yaquel also hugged the wrinkled failed drawing on his chest preciously. The men who saw that figure were moved as if it were their own, and they loved Yaquel even more deeply.









The sun has completely set and the darkened courtyard is illuminated by a colorful lamp. This lamp is a gift from the Lustful Snake. When Alton handed it to him, Why is Your Majesty? When he asked that, he was informed that the Lustful Snake is a member of the Royal Family from the neighboring Yugoona Country. He couldn’t hide his shock upon the fact, but when he remembered the attitude of the Lustful Snake the last time they met, it sounded fitting and he was convinced.

Lightstone, Yugoona’s resource, is very valuable and expensive. The Lustful Snake gifted Yaquel and Hana-Hana this lightstone as an apology. 

According to Hylm, the day when the Lustful Snake becomes the king of Yugoona is apparently close. It’s a very hard to believe story but the letter attached to the lamp said, “Next time, I will proudly nominate you. Wait for me”, Yugoona’s crest was also stamped on the letter. If he said that he would come to meet him again, Yaquel planned to wait for that day.


The courtyard illuminated by light is very beautiful and magical.

The prost*tutes dance cheerfully under the light and Retana gently watches over them. Nila and the head chef clapped their hands, and Aria stopped the clerk from taking off his clothes to dance naked. Seeing that, Alton laughed loudly with a, hahahaha, and instructed Hylm, who was looking at him in astonishment, “Take off your clothes, too,” and was refused with a straight face, “I’ll refrain from doing so.” Then, when Guinn, who is tipsy, puts his hands on his pants saying, “Okay, then I’ll take it off.” Sajis stopped him. Bang is leaning against an inconspicuous tree, watching what’s going on here, and Reno is sitting on a sturdy branch on top of the tree and smiling.


In the beautiful light, the lovable Hana-Hana employees and the men who cherished Yaquel were laughing happily for a very long time.


While the party was still going on, Yaquel returned to his room, crossed his legs, and was writing something at his desk.

He flipped over a handwritten booklet with [Customer Data] written on it.


[Guinn Yuni Vladis]

Krantz Chivalric Order Battalion Commander.

Personality: Responsible and active, but vulnerable to alcohol and easily get carried away

Favorite type: obedient, reserved

Favorite position: Normal position

Note: During intercourse, if you let them breathe close to your ear, they will be excited and happy.

Future Task: He’ll quickly c*m if I tighten too much so it is necessary to finely control the amount of force.


[Sajis Yandalunia]

Second son of Duke Yandalunia

Personality: Passionate and straightforward, but can be short-tempered and can’t see the surroundings.

Favorite type: brave, modest

Favorite position: standing doggy style

Note: It makes him happy if I let him spoil me a litle. Weak to upturned eyes.

Future tasks: It seems that he hasn’t given up on the ransom talk yet, so next time I will decline more firmly. (Will it be effective if I decline in a spoiled manner?)


[Eunick Safardo]

No. 1 male prost*tute in the male brothel Bethany

Personality: Appears innocent and cheerful, but is negative and timid inside

Favorite type: A tolerant man

Favorite position: doggy style

Notes: Fawning and wrap[ing him up will make him open his heart up. Likes lots of skinship.

Future Task: In s*xual activity, masochistic and sadistic parts are seen alternately. Keep an eye out for changes in propensity 


[Alton Ruthbeller]

18th King of Krantz Kingdom

Personality: Full of self-confidence and unyielding spirit. Sometimes becomes overly eager and because of that, he becomes blind to the things around him. Simple

Favorite type: Brave, single-minded, healthy

Favorite Position: Cuddling

Notes: Since he’s pushy sometimes, I will deal with him while using a candy and a whip well. When the situation is too much, use a bigger whip

Future Task: He has matchless vigor so I’ll build my stamina to keep up with him


[Hylm Ruthbeller]

Krantz Kingdom Crown Prince

Personality: Strongly prejudiced and strong desire to monopolize. Weak mentality and gets sick easily

Favorite type: Gentle, sexy, obedient

Favorite position: Cowgirl

Notes: Becomes excited and delighted when called by name during s*xual intercourse. He becomes tenacious if called too much so do it in moderation

Future task: Generally speaking, he is difficult to serve. Gets hurt easily so be careful with speech and conduct


[Manubis Dhanamud (Lustful Snake)]

Second Prince of Yugoona Kingdom

Second Prince of Yugoona

Personality: Unknown

Favorite type: Unknown

Favorite position: Cowgirl?


Future Task: There’s a high chance that he will be the next king of Yugoona so please him more on his next visit and turn him into a regular customer at all costs



Yaquel wrote additional sentences on the Lustful Snake’s page and closed the booklet shut.

Yaquel let out a sigh and stood up, looking down at the courtyard from the window on the second floor.

In the courtyard, everyone was still chatting happily. He meets eyes with Guinn who is sitting on a bench while talking to Alton.


“Yaquel, are you alrightー?”

“Yes, I’m fine now.”

“Then come back down.”


Alton and Sajis, who were beside Guinn, wave to Yaquel. Yaquel waved his hand slightly in response. And then


“Yes, I’m coming. Right this instant.”


Yaquel’s smiling expression was hidden in the darkness of the night, so no one could see it. But Yaquel’s smiling face, illuminated in the room’s lamps and reflected in the window, was exactly the same as the one in that failed caricature.



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