Yaquel, who brought the unconscious Lustful Snake with him, laid him on the bed and wiped the blood on his cheeks and forehead with a towel.


…Now then, what should he do from here on out? (TN: THROW HIM BACK TO THE RIVERRRR!!!)


The Lustful Snake is a dangerous person, and he’s an enemy of Pyacca, especially Hana-Hana. However, Yaquel couldn’t let this wounded Lustful Snake die. I don’t know what caused the injury, but whether it’s an ally or an enemy, there’s no way for Yaquel, who has lived with the help of Retana and Hana-Hana, to choose to leave a weakened person alone.


When he puts his hand on the Lustful Snake’s forehead, he seems to be feverish and his breathing is weak. His neat face was half swollen and the bruises were painful to look at. There are also cuts here and there, and it is possible that he has similar injuries all over his body. In addition, his complexion was pale and lifeless, and he looked like he could die at any moment.


Yaquel took out a vial from the cupboard and put a few drops of the liquid inside on his palm, rubbing it into the bruises and cuts of the Lustful Snake. Then, the cuts and swelling disappear in a blink of an eye, and the body returns to its original appearance.

Yes, that small bottle was the royal family’s treasured recovery medicine that Alton had handed over to him, saying, “You can use it when you get injured or feel ill.” Yaquel didn’t hesitate to use such a precious thing for the Lustful Snake.

Yaquel then took off the Lustful Snake’s clothing and applied the healing medicine to the bruises and cuts all over his body. After a while, the hiss complexion improved and his breathing calmed down. It seemed that the medicine was working.

Yaquel stroked his shoulder in relief and draped the blanket over the Lustful Snake’s shoulders.


What a relief.


Although there was no guarantee that the Lustful Snake would leave obediently once he got better, it was better than letting him die. If ever he tries to do something bad, he will deal with it once that situation occurs. He’ll reconsider it then.

Yaquel sat down on a chair by the bed and put his head against the side wall while observing the Lustful Snake.


The Lustful Snake who woke up groggily jumped up after noticing the unfamiliar ceiling. When he looked around him, he found Yaquel sitting on a chair with his arms crossed, sleeping.


Where is this…? Why is Yaquel….


He remembers that when he jumped into the river, he was unlucky enough to hit a large piece of driftwood and smash his whole body, but he managed to get to the shore. Severe pain ran through his whole body, and in my fading consciousness he was prepared that he might die here. If I remember correctly, the last thing I recalled seemed to be Yaquel’s strong gaze….

The Lustful Snake noticed that his body, which was so wounded and felt so heavy, was now very light and there was not even a scratch on his arms. Then he finds a vial on the table by his bed and reaches out to it. The Lustful Snake recognized the golden liquid in the vial.

If I’m not mistaken, this is….

He opens the lid of the vial and takes a sniff. It has the scent of the medicine called ‘golden holy water’ which is very valuable even in Yugoona. There is a forest where monsters exist on the boundary between Yugoona and Krantz, and it is holy water that springs up only once every ten years from a small spring deep inside. Its existence could cause confusion, so even in Yugoona, only people related to the royal family knew about it, and it was surely  the same in Krantz.


Why does Yaquel have that medicine…. As I thought, does Yaquel have a connection with the Royal Family?


The ends point out to that, but more than that, he couldn’t believe that Yaquel helped the Lustful Snake who is his enemy, even more so that he used such a precious medicine on him.

He’s probably someone he(Y) can’t help but hate. Besides, if he made the medicine public and sold it, he could have earned so much money that he wouldn’t need to work for the rest of his life. Even if he didn’t do that, there’s always the possibility that he’d get critically injured and he could’ve just used it then. Couldn’t he?

There should be a limit to a person’s kindness. Did he not think that he might attack again once he’s recovered?


What a strange fellow.


The Lustful Snake, completely deveined, smiled softly and tried to reach for the sleeping Yaquel’s cheek.




He quickly puts his hand back down so Yaquel won’t notice.


“Ruñas-sama…, how are you feeling?”

“Oh, I’m feeling fine. It seems I’m indebted to you.”


Yaquel felt uncomfortable upon noticing the difference in the Lustful Snake’s complexion from before, but from the posture of sitting on the bed and the manly look in his eyes, he doesn’t feel the atmosphere of the previous gentleman at all, and this is probably the true color so he put his guards up.

Sensing this, the Lustful Snake relaxed his expression and said “thank you” with lowered eyes as if to reassure him.


“Oh… it’s nothing.”


Yaquel was taken aback by that beautiful smile, and scratched his temples.


For the next two days, Yaquel devotedly took care of the Lustful Snake until his physical condition had completely recovered. He had already recovered enough to walk, so it would have been fine to kick him out, but the venomless Lustful Snake was a very good young man, he promised to never destroy the city again and to do something as compensation for the districts and shops where he caused trouble once he returned to his own country. Yaquel decided to trust him on that.

He’s also curious how the Lustful Snake got his injuries, but he doesn’t plan to ask things that the other party doesn’t want to talk about. As long as the Lustful Snake is his real self right now, that’s all that matters.

And then, the completely recovered Lustful Snake decided to return to his home country. There’s also the fact that his existence was kept a secret, he seemed to have secretly slipped out from Yaquel’s window.


“Yaquel, I’ve greatly been under your care. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Not at all. I’m glad that Ruñas-sama has gotten better.”


Yaquel grabs back the hand of the Lustful Snake that he held out to say goodbye. When he did, the Lustful Snake pulled that hand and hugged him tightly. Then, he plants a kiss on his ear.




“My real name is Manubis Dhanamud.”

“Manubis… -sama.”

“Yes, that’s it.”


The Lustful Snake said nothing more.

He also wanted to tell him that he was actually from the Royal Family of Yugoona, a neighboring country, and that he wanted to take Yaquel home with him. But he is not yet king. Bringing Yaquel home now could put him in danger.

It’s fine. I could not get some information by destroying districts in Krantz but my strength should have been shown to those folks in Yugoona. The current king also doesn’t have long to live. I will most probably get chosen as the king instead of my older brother who has a weak disposition. Once I become king, I can just majestically come to see Yaquel again. And, with Yaquel’s permission, I’ll bring him with me to Yugoona.


“Do you mind if I come again?”

“Of course. Ohh, but at that time, please properly apologize to Retana-san and the others.”

“Yes, I promise you that.”


The Lustful Snake gave Yaquel a very light kiss.


“Stay well.”

“You, too, Manubis-sama.”


Letting go of Yaquel, the Lustful Snake jumps out of the window and disappears into the darkness without looking back once. Yaquel saw him off, praying in his heart that Manubis would return safely to his country.


Second Prince of Yugoona, Manubis Dhanamud.

Three months later, he was appointed King of Yugoona, and proudly became a regular visitor to Hana-Hana once a month.