Next morning, the just-woken up Lustful Snake confirmed that Yaquel was no longer in the room and escaped from Hana-Hana by slipping out of the window. He squatted down on a tree root by the roadside and sighed heavily.


That was terrible….


Just remembering what happened last night makes his body shudder to his core. He was close to going crazy because of the intercourse full of pleasure that he’s never felt before as well as the aggressive and torturous ej*cul*tion management. There WAs no end in sight to thAT intense act of experiencing heaven and hell at the same time, so he wanted to be freed before his ego was destroyed, so he promised to withdraw from Hana-Hana.


Unbelievable…. Someone like me who is a  eteran when it comes to love affairs would be toyed with by such an unsophisticated man in s*x…


However, apart from the regret, it was also true that he felt a throbbing heartbeat remembering that activity last night. Yaquel’s firm and healthy skin, flushed cheeks, l*stful breathing, a bewitching expression, and a masculine, strong-willed gaze filled with anger. The gap between the ruggedness that he felt in his first impression stimulated the Lustful Snake’s heart.

But the Lustful Snake thought back upon his pride wherein he depraved others but not the other way around, as well as his pride as a Royalty which should never be tainted by a mere commoner, he slapped his cheeks.


Having sorted out his feelings somehow, the Lustful Snake decided to return to his home country once in order to rebuild his attitude. And when he got up from the roots of the tree, he sensed a presence from somewhere and heard the crisp sound of fallen leaves, and immediately prepared himself.


“Who’s there?”


He focuses his attention on an area and sharpens his senses.


“As expected of Yugoona’s Gale.”


Appearing in front of the Lustful Snake were a man with long hair tied up in a bundle and slit eyes, and a man who looked like an innocent boy who jumped down from a tree.  And the Lustful Snake furrowed his brows at the man’s previous words.


[Yugoona’s Gale]


It was a second name in Yugoona given to the Lustful Snake that fights with agility and powerful movements that have the momentum of a violent storm. Knowing that second name means knowing that he is from Yugoona.


“Who are you?”

“You finally showed a Royal-like expression.”

“I am asking who you are.”

“We believe there’s no need for you to know who we are. We are simply here to restrain you.”


Bang, the man with slit eyes indifferently said with unreadable expression. And next to him, the boyish man Reno was wearing a thin smile. Their confident words and deeds seemed to know that the Lustful Snake was a member of Yugoona’s royal family. He should fairly conduct himself in this situation.


“Restrain me? Is it about me being Yugoona Kingdom’s second prince?”

“Of course.”

“Really. I don’t know what reason you have to restrain me but you must be aware that it will cause the relationship between Krantz and Yugoona to possibly deteriorate.”


Bang approaches the Lustful Snake who is showing a carefree attitude.


“This is an order from His Majesty the King of Krantz and His Highness the Crown Prince.”

“Haah, what kind of craziness is the Krantz Kingdom at?”

“Please refrain from making ridiculing remarks towards my masters. It is prohibited for the royal family of other countries to stay in our country without permission, so this is an act based on official law.”

“It’s as he said. Besides, I find the Lustful Snake’s actions to be more out of control.”


Things are more troublesome if they even know about the Lustful Snake. Yugoona will still be able to do something about it if the crime is only staying illegally, but the Lustful Snake is a top secret matter that only a few people in Yugoona know. I must never get caught no matter what.

The Lustful Snake aimed at Bang’s opening and threw a strong kick at him. As expected of Yugoona’s Gale, he lives up to his name. Bang noticed the kick and immediately dodged it, but when he lost his balance, Lustful Snake continued to throw a roundhouse kick with his opposite leg. When he was about to get kicked in the face, Reno grabbed his(LS) leg from the opposite direction. However, Lustful Snake immediately rotated his body and when he let go of his hand, it was grabbed instead and he smashed Reno to the ground. immediately rotated his body and when he let go of his hand,

Reno, who crashed to the ground, regained his posture at once and  left that spot with fast movements. The three of them kept their distance from each other and adjusted their turbulent breaths.


They heard that he was strong, but never expected it to this extent.


Bang and Reno’s pace was disrupted by the agile, unpredictable and bold movements of the Lustful Snake. They even feel like they can’t win unless they work together to challenge him. Bang and Reno sent signals to each other with their gaze and all at once rushed towards the Lustful Snake.


Meanwhile, the Lustfuk Snake was thinking how to get out of this place. These two are quite skilled fighters. With no useless movements and reflexes that don’t lose to him, he understood that they were trained professionally. Even so, he could normally win against the two of them. But unfortunately, the fatigue from last night still remains and he’s not in his peak condition. Although his attack earlier wasn’t bad, he will probably lose if he keeps on doing that. The wise decision will be to retreat before it becomes a full-blown fight.

When the Lustful Snake saw Bang and Reno jumping towards him at the same time, he he immediately crouches down. Seeing an opening, he ran to a cliff a few meters away and jumped into the river without hesitation. Bang and Reno, who followed him, confirmed that the Lustful Snake has sunk into the river and furrowed their brows.


Two days later, Retana came to Yaquel who was organizing the warehouse.


“Thanks for your hard work.”

“You, too, Retana-san.”


He was handed a drink called gouda which has little salt content that is said to relieve fatigue and he accepted it with a “thank you”.


“The Lustful Snake didn’t come yesterday as well.”


“”Some eyewitness reports say they left Pyacca.”

“I see.”


Yaquel was happy that the Lustful Snake kept his promise of leaving Pyacca. He thought that it’s not strange if ever he(R) was thinking of taking revenge, so he was relieved that he never showed up in Hana-Hana again.


“Aria and the others have managed to get back on their feet.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“We’re saved by you again.”


‘Thank you’, she said and wiped the dirt off his face.


“It’s not just my strength alone. Retana-san, Aria-san, and everyone else did their best to stand u[ against the Lustful Snake.”

“You’re right.”



Even so, Retana felt deeply that Yaquel was there so things went well. However, she knows that Yaquel isn’t good with receiving words of compliment and praise so telling him that would only burden him, that’s why she lightly stroked his head to convey her gratefulness. Yaquel seemed happy with just that, his cheeks bashfully turned red and his eyes drooped down slightly.


Yaquel, who had resumed work after Retana left, went around the back of the warehouse to dispose of the unnecessary lumber in the warehouse. A man with familiar clothes and black hair was sitting on the ground with his back to us, leaning against the wood.


“Lustful Snake…!”


Yaquel rushes towards him in a hurry.


“Why are you here! This isn’t what you promi…… eh”


When Yaquel went to protest, what came into sight was an unconscious, pale-faced, exhausted Lustful Snake.


TN: Throw him back to the river, Yaquel!