One evening, the clerk interacted with the Lustful Snake in a livelier than usual manner.


“Can I nominate all the available ladies?”


He combs his slightly disordered hair upward. Normally, the prost*tutes  would scramble to welcome him with his sexy appearance, but no one is showing herself today.


“I’m sorry. There is no available prost*tute who can accompany you today, Ruñas-sama.”


And similarly different from usual like the clerk, no one shows any signs of leading him inside.


“…What do you mean by that?”

“Like I said, we don’t have any prost*tute who can show you inside.”

“Not even one?”

“Yes. Not a single one, sir.”


That shouldn’t be the case, the Lustful Snake who narrows his eyes as he thought, said to summon Aria but the clerk doesn’t seem to want to respond.

On the clerk’s side, he’s also filled with the desire to protect the protst*tutes and ignores the Lustful Snake with a snort.

After Yaquel came back, Aria’s condition changed and she began to show her usual energetic and joyful appearance. And then, Yaquel and Aria started convincing the other prost*tutes who have become smitten by the Lustful Snake and it seemed to succeed, they appear to be waking up little by little.


Everyone is doing their best. I also want to so something for the shop.


The clerk looked up at the Lustful Snake, which was more than 15cm taller than him, and puffed out his chest to intimidate him.


“Oh no.”


Strange. There were no signs of weird movements yesterday. Both the Proprietress and the clerk were still suspecting like usual but they still responded accordingly. Besides, the women should still be blindly entranced by me. What exactly happened these past few days?

Despite being suspicious about the strange situation, the Lustful Snake transparently lowered his brows while saying, ‘Oh no…’. However, he can’t possibly go back obediently. That’s because he has a great cause for coming here.


“It can’t be helped…. Unfortunately, it seems that I can’t come to this shop anymore. I will tell the other customers that the rumors about the prost*tutes in this shop being unable to receive customers anymore are true as expected.”


In order to take advantage of his weaknesses, he angers the clerk to make him give in.

How dare he make it seem like the prost*tutes’ fault even though he’s the one who made them unable to take other customers,blood rushed to the head of the clerk who wasn’t aware about it just as expected, and he tried to grab at the Lustful Snake just as he(R) intended.





Yaquel stopped the clerk’s arm that was about to grab the Lustful Snake’s collar and stood between the both of them as if to separate two.


“I’m sorry for his offensive actions.”


He lowers the clerk’s hand and bowed towards the Lustful Snake.


“Hey! Yaquel!”


There’s no need to apologize! He sends the clerk who wanted to say that a look expressing his desire to handle the situation personally. The clerk also understood and left that place obediently.


“You are…?”

“I’m Yaquel. I’m working as a manservant here.”


Yaquel…. This man is?

The Lustful Snake’s eyes widened for a moment. Although he has prepared himself that Guinn and Sajis’s parnter is a man but he never imagined him to be this brusque big guy. The man was neither beautiful nor sexy which made the Lustful Snake wonder, Have they lost their minds? 

But he can’t say that. No matter what kind of man it is, for his goal, he must go through with it since he decided to corrupt him.

The Lustful Snake closed his eyes once and slowly opened them as if turning on a switch.


“Nice to meet you, Yaquel.”


He grabbed Yaquel’s hand and stared into his eyes, as if to say he wouldn’t let his target escape.

He’s confident in his looks. His slightly half-lidded eyes bring out his sexiness which is enhanced by his teardrop mole, his nose is well-balanced and his lips are firm. He can captivate most women by just staring at them for 10 seconds. It should be the same with men.


“Oh, uhm, Ruñas-sama, my hands.”


He could see Yaquel’s face gradually getting redder.

See? It’s so easy.

The Lustful Snake doesn’t avert his eyes, he raised a hand towards Yaquel’s cheek while staring at him.


“I was told that the women aren’t available, but if that’s the case, Yaquel, will you by partner instead?”

“M, me?”

“Why, you can’t?”


He withdrew his hand and put his fingertip on his lips. Then, Yaquel replied in a small voice, “Yes…”

The Lustful Snake gloated over how easily Yaquel fell for him.