ASTKO 4 Part 2



That day, three carriages stopped in front of Hana Hana. 

Because of the continuous rain since yesterday, the customers stopped coming and the prost*tutes were respectively killing time chatting and reading books in the waiting room. Yaquel and each of the other servants were also cleaning and helping the kitchen. 

Hana Hana was originally not as crowded nor resplendent as the other shops and wasn’t like a brothel at all, but it was more peaceful and quieter than normal during rainy days. Towards the carriages that stopped in front of such Hana-Hana, the head clerk of that day hurriedly opened the door wondering if there’s something the matter.  

One would normally think that it’s a customer, but none of Hana Hana’s customers come to the shop in a carriage. Most of Hana Hana’s customers come from nearby towns and villages, as well as men who are crowded out by popular stores. 

The clerk who went out was almost unable to stand up due to fear. The reason was that the carriage outside was no ordinary carriage. The carriage, which was elegantly designed in white and silver, had a rose and a three-line emblem that could only be handled by the country’s senior aristocrats. 

An escort who came down from the first of the three carriages opened the door of the second carriage, and the servant who came down from the third carriage opened the umbrella in front of the carriage. And then, the master who slowly descended the second carriage covers himself with the umbrella so he doesn’t get wet from the rain. 

“May I enter?” 


The servant looked at the clerk, who was shocked speechless and could only repeatedly nod his head, and lead his master inside the shop. 

The clerk who discovered the severity of the situation said, “P,P, PLEASE WAIT A MOMENT!!!”, and runs to call Retana. 

After hearing the circumstances from the clerk, Retana hurried to where the noble is and lead him towards Hana Hana’s most luxurious room. 

An aristocratic man sits on the chair with his legs gracefully crossed, and by his side is a servant. The noble is perhaps in his twenties. Long golden hair that reached his ears flowed back, his refined and well-featured facial features, and the fine quality outfit that corresponds to that are overflowing with a grace that she could tell at a glance that the man is of high status. 


“E, excuse me, what business do you have with us today…” 


As expected, even Retana’s voice faltered. 

“It was heard that a man called Guinn Yuni Vladis often comes here.” 

Retana’s eyebrows raised upon hearing a name from the servant’s mouth. Guinn is a knight who has been coming to the shop twice every week for the past month, nominates Yaquel without fail and plays with him, and then leaves. 

“Yes. Guinn-sama has been giving us a favor.” 

“Is that so?” 

“Yes. Is there something…” 


“When the aristocratic man whispered in the servant’s ear, the servant, “Understood.”, nodded. 

“I want to nominate the prost*tute that Guinn Yuni Vladis has been nominating.” 

Retana choked at the servant’s words. 

If the person that Guinn favored was indeed a pros*tute just as the servant stated, he can be introduced. But Guinn’s partner is Yaquel. He’s a complete man. He is not a delicate and beautiful man who can be mistaken as a woman at a glance. He’s totally a manly man. 

Homosexuality is recognized in this world and is not seen with prejudice, but due to the absence of an offspring, there are also some high-ranking people who are still reluctant to have same-sex relationships. 

It’s not for certain that this man isn’t the same. 

“Please forgive me. I’m unable to tell you that as it is a customer’s private matter.” 


The noble’s brows bluntly furrowed at Retana’s response. The servant who noticed his master’s condition quickly responded. 

“My master’s name is Sajis Yandalunia. He is the son of Duke  Yandalunia. You still won’t tell us despite that?” 

Retana almost fainted upon hearing about Duke Yandalunia. Duke Yandalunia is the highest-ranked noble among the aristocrats. It’s that great because even the ignorant Retana knows about it. 

But that doesn’t mean that she can talk about Guinn. Guinn is also a man with a solid position. It might become something that will affect their honor. 

“Yes. My deepest apologies.” 


Retana bowed deeply. 

However, the man who has the status to obtain anything will not give up so easily. 

“Okay, I got it. Well then, I’ll buy all the prost*tutes in this shop.” 


The voice of the man who spoke for the first time, and not the servant, was full of confidence and smooth.