It was four days after that heavy rain that Retana noticed something strange about Aria. No, it’s not just Aria, Lulu and the other prost*tutes are also strange. They stare blankly at a point somewhere, or restlessly check the entrance as if they’re waiting for someone during business hours.

Even now, Aria is repeatedly going back and forth the entrance and checking the front door.


“Aria, what’s wrong?”


When Retana asked, Aria said, “N, no. It’s nothing!” and went away. Retana tilts her head as she sends Aria’s back off with her eyes.


“What happened?”


The clerk approaches and looks at the direction where Aria ran away.


“Is it Aria? Come to think of it, for some reason, she’s been acting strange since three days ago, hasn’t she?”

“As I thought, you also think so?”

“Yes. Even during lunch, if you secretly take Aria’s meat, she won’t notice at all.”

“Is that tha case…”

“If it were as usual, This thief! she would shout and then hit you.”


He mimics Aria and raises his fist. Seeing her sigh strangely, the clerk must have also been worried.


“The other ladies are also acting strange.”


When she looked at where the clerk was pointing at, she saw Lulu and 3 other prost*tutes peeking out from behind the pillars in the corridor leading to the entrance.


“What are you ladies doing?”


When Retana called out, Lulu came running with the momentum to knock down the clerk.


“Hey! Is he still not here yet?”

“Huh? Who are you talking about?”

“You know, that sexy and soft-spoken Ruñas-sama!”


He also come here 3 days ago! she excitedly draws close to him.


“Oh, that sexy man with a teardrop mole.”

“Yes!! He hasn’t come yet?”

“Not yet today. In the first place, we don’t even know if he’s coming today at all.”

“No, he said he’s coming today, too. He said he’s coming to see me.”


Lulu spellboundedly placed her hands on her chest. The sight of her blushing made her look like a girl in love. And then Retana heard Lulu’s words and wrinkled her eyebrows.


“Wait a minute. Did you say a man with a teardrop mole just now…?”


Two days ago, she was consulted by Yaquel and that description totally fit the the Lustful Snake who destroyed 8 districts. Lulu is calling the man Ruñas, but he might be using an alias. Well, the name Lustful Snake is also an assumed name, though.


“Yes. He’s customer who has been coming to the store every day since four days ago.”


The clerk answers Retana’s question.


“Four days ago…”

“It was raining heavily that day. He asked whether there was an available prost*tute, there were about 8 ladies available since there weren’t much customer that day due to the rain, and he said that he wanted to nominate all of them when I told him about it. He left after playing with the 8 of them until sunrise.”

“8 women…”


Hana-Hana’s prost*tutes are 12 in total, 8 who were there before and 4 who were added due to busyness.If the man is indeed the Lustful Snake, eight of them have already had a relationship with him. If he wants to have s*x with eight prost*tutes in one night, only a man who is very confident in his physical strength and energy will be able to do it. Considering that, the possibility that the man called Ruñas is the Lustful Snake is high.


“Did he also come the next day?”

“Yes, he said he wanted to accumulate stamps in his courtesan card and nominated the prost*tutes he didn’t nominate the previous day. Only Nila-san had a customer so she couldn’t deal with him, but all the other women did. And last night, Aria, Lulu, and the four ladies who were waiting for the guests.”


In other words, in these four days, he had s*x with everyone except Nila.

To think that the courtesan card that Yaquel came up with would be used like this by the Lustful Snake.


“Oh no……”


Retana sat down on a nearby sofa and put her hand to her forehead.

If this was going to happen, she should have talked to the clerk and the women earlier. When she heard the story from Yaquel, it seemed like she was still hearing about a distant town’s story, and she didn’t feel a sense of crisis. As Yaquel said, even if the Lustful Snake was going to crush Pyacca, it didn’t occur to them that Hana-Hana would be noticed by him early, so they thought it would be good to think about countermeasures while looking at the response of the other shops.

And yet, the hand of the Lustful Snake has already reached this far… What should I do…

Unfortunately, Yaquel, who she would like to consult with, has been away at the palace for three days since yesterday.


“Retana-san, are you okay? What’s wrong?”


The clerk asks about Retana’s state.

That’s right. It’s not too late even now. Maybe we can still make it if I inform everyone about the Lustful Snake and tell them not to get involved with him anymore.


“Thank you, I’m okay. Also, I’m sorry, but could you call all the employees as soon as possible?”

“Right now?”

“Yes, everyone except the ladies who are currently serving customers.”


Seeing Retana’s unusual appearance, the clerk replied that he understood. And when he was about to leave the entrance to call them


“Good evening.”


The man who opened the door and entered the store gave off a refreshing tone of voice that was well-projected and smiled like a flower blooming. With the appearance of the man, the gloomy atmosphere of the entrance changes in an instant.


This man is the Lustful Snake.


No matter how you look at it, Retana felt an indescribable eerie feeling about the Lustful Snake, which looked like nothing but a gentleman.




Traversing the frozen Retana, Lulu welcomes the Lustful Snake without hiding her delight. Following her, the other ladies also followed around the Lustful Snake. Seeing her charmed gaze and excited appearance, the words that it was already too late crossed Retana’s mind. However, as the proprietress, she can’t just overlook these things. Retana strongly clenched her fists and stood up.


“Dear customer.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I apologize for the inconvenience but we cannot allow your entrance to the shop.”

“……Why might that be?”


The Lustful Snake seemed to have lost his smile for a moment, but then a friendly smile appeared again.


“Customers who are considered to be harmful to our shop are not allowed to enter.”

“You’re saying that I pose a threat to this shop?”


When Retana was about to nod, Aria appeared and stood in front of Retana.


“That’s terrible, Retana-san! Ruñas-sama is a very gentle customer! He talks to us gently, and even treats our bodies gently. Him being a threat is preposterous!”


She’s right! Lulu and the other prost*tutes also seconded Aria’s words. And then


“What they’re saying is right, Retana-san. Even with regards to payment, Ruñas-sama also paid more than the normal fee because he said he felt grateful. There’s no threat towards our profit at all.”


Even the clueless clerk is acting protective towards the Lustful Snake.


“Please stop, everyone. I’m sure that the proprietress is misunderstanding something. I believe that she’s just think about this shop. If such a great person tells me to, I will quietly leave.”


I don’t like conflicts. The Lustful Snake said and opened the door to leave.




“Please, don’t leave!”


Lulu and the other ladies are desperately trying to stop him. Then


“I understand, Retana-san. If Ruñas-sama can’t enter the shop, we can meet him outside, right? JUst treat it as a business trip. I’ll follow him wherever he goes.”


Aria entwines herself on the Lustful Snake’s arm.


“I’ll do the same!”


When Lulu wraps her arm around the Lustful Snake’s other arm, the other prost*tutes also tried to follow suit, saying, “Me too!” “Me too!”.

Retana had to make a tough decision. If the prost*tutes go out like this, the other customers will be troubled. If that’s the case, it’s still safe to have him in this store monitor him.


“I understand…. Please stay at ease in our shop…”


The Lustful Snake puts his hand on the reluctant Retana’s shoulder.


“I appreciate your wise judgment.”


To Retana who knew his secret, his saint-like tranquil smile only looked like a devil’s smile with sinister intentions.