“A courtesan card?”


Retana, the head clerk, Nila, and Aria, who were called to the office by Yaquel for advice, tilted their heads while looking at the cards handed to them.


“What’s this?”

“All of the prost*tutes’ names are written here.”

“Customer Card is written beneath it.”


When the folded up cards were opened, ‘Courtesan Cart’ was written on the top row and at the bottom row had “Customer Card” written on it. The courtesan card was divided into 12 squares, each with the name of a Hana-Hana prost*tute written on it. And card has 20 blank squares with nothing written on them.


“Yes. I tried making it.”

“… What is this for?”


In response to the clerk’s question, Yaquel talked about the man with a beard who was too timid to appoint another prost*tute yesterday. On top of that, Yaquel also explains how he was thinking of a way to help these men somehow.


“Ah, it’s true that the regulars here are polite, compassionate, and timid, and there are quite a few of them.”

“Yes, yes. Although I’m grateful for being nominated, I feel sorry to keep them waiting until who knows when because I have prior customer, it also makes me worried.”

“Speaking of which, the number of customers has increased recently, and more and more people are waiting in the customer waiting room or at nearby restaurants.”

“That’s right. The customer yesterday was also the same so I recommended a different prost*tute to him but I was declined for that reason.”

“The best thing would be to have fun with the ladies on standby.”


Retana’s statement was exactly what Yaquel had in mind.


“Exactly. That’s why I was wondering if this card would work.”


Yaquel’s thinking went like this. 

First, customers who come to the shop will be given a stamp on their customer card by the clerk at the beginning. Then, the nominated prost*tutes stamp the name column of the courtesan card, and the customer who collects the stamps from all the prost*tutes is presented with a discount ticket for the next time.

By doing so, it is possible to encourage customers who want to hang out with other prost*tutes but are unable to take the first step. Also, even if the prost*tutes they usually nominate has preceding customers, if they nominate the free prost*tutes to collect the stamps in the card, it will be a great advantage to them.


“That’s a great idea! The turnover rate will increase, and it’s efficient for both the ladies and the customer.”

“”Yeah, yeah! For us old-timers, it’s a chance to find new customers, and for newcomers, it’s a chance to get nominated customers!”

“The customer card below is so kind to the customers who are not interested in the courtesan card because they want to stick with their favorite prost*tute. Will there also be a discount after 20 stamps?”

“I was thinking of leaving that part up to Retana-san. There’s also the matter of profit.”


After Yaquel prompts Retana, she puts her hand on her chin in thought. And then, Okay! She raised her face as if she decided something.


“The fact that you save 20 stamps is proof that you have visited the store that much. Don’t say anything stingy about discounts here, let’s just make it free once.”


Oooh! There were cheers at Retana’s generous remarks.


“Is that really alright?”


Even with the clerk’s worried voice


“Recently, thanks to everyone’s hard work, our profits have increased considerably.”


It’s fine! She confidently nodded, and Yaquel and the other clapped their hands in approval.


Then, the Hana-Hana cards that Yaquel and the clerk made over the course of five days were handed over to regular customers, and the results were exactly what Yaquel had planned. Furthermore, the rumors spread all over Pyacca, and Hana-Hana gained new customers, which in turn increased profits.

Hana-Hana, which was the least popular shop in Pyacca, steadily climbed to the top of the popular shops due to the fortune that Yaquel caused.

There’s only one final push before they become Pyacca’s No.1. Just when they’re at that point, an incident happens.


“What! Lanster is closed!?”


He hears from Eunick who is visiting the shop that Pyacca’s No.1 brothel, Lanster, is being forced to close down.


“Why all of a sudden… it can’t be…”

“…It’s him.”


Eunick clung to Yaquel’s arm in bed and buried his face in Yaquel’s chest. When Enick acts like that, he’s frightened.


“The Lustful Snake… huh.”

“I heard that he appeared in Lanster a week ago.”

“That’s before we saw him in that restaurant.”

“Yeah. Maybe he’s already set his eyes on his target by then.”

“I see…. But is it(L) something that he could corner so easily?”


His opponent is Pyacca’s No.1 in terms of competency, you know? Yaquel asked while stroking Eunick’s head.


“The Lustful Snake will attack in earnest once he sets his eyes on a target. He will do it relentlessly until his goal is achieved.”

“So Lustful Snake’s target this time is Lanster.”

“Nope, probably, Lanster is the first target. His real purpose is to destroy Pyacca’s district.”


“Just like Davis two years ago.”

“Why is he doing something like that? What is he destroying districts for…”

“I don’t know either. Only, the extent of the information that I gathered is that he has already destroyed 8 districts. Among them, it’s not just red-light districts, there are also large commercial towns.”

“Do you mean an ordinary big city?”

“Yeah. Well, the mayor there seemed to be a woman so the method was probably the same.”

“I see. And, the Lustful Snake’s target this time is Pyacca…”


Yaquel looked out of the window while frowning. The rain that has been falling since morning gains momentum, and the wind beats against the window.

Yaquel exhaled slowly.


“I’ll try to consult with Retana-san and the others tomorrow.”

“You’re right. My shop only has male prost*tutes so it  might not matter, but I already talked to the owner. If we don’t come up with countermeasures for all the shops in Pyacca, everyone will be crushed by him.”

“Yes. We should think of a countermeasure as soon as possible.”


Yaquel and Eunick closed their eyes as they hoped that nothing will happen.


But Yaquel regrets it. At that time, if he had talked to Retana and the others immediately instead of saying tomorrow, something might have changed. Never in Yaquel’s wildest dream would he have known that he(LS) would appear while he was asleep.


“Excuse me. Is there an available woman right now?”


In the heavy rain, a handsome man who opened the door of Hana-Hana with an impressive teardrop mole under his eye folded his umbrella and wiped off the drops on his shoulder and smiled amiably at the clerk.