He’s riding Guinn’s favorite horse, Yuni, and is taken back from the palace to Pyacca, where Hana-Hana is located.

It had been about 2 weeks since he left Hana-Hana, but it felt like he hadn’t returned for months. When he entered the mountain trail close to his hometown, Yaquel took a deep breath and smelled the tender scent of all kinds of trees. It’s his favorite scent that makes him experience the life of nature. The sound of leaves rustling can be heard as if they’re glad of Yaquel’s return.


“How refreshing.”


Guinn grabs the rein from behind Yaquel and calls out to him.


“Yes. It feels great.”

“It does.”


Guinn is in an incredibly good mood. The reason is simple, they had a match to decide whose horse Yaquel will ride on and defeated Sajis. Well, they called it a match but when it comes to Yaquel choosing between Sajis’s white horse that Yaquel has just met and Yuni with whom he has met a few times and gets along well with, the winner was already decided from the start. But he was making a scene until the end saying, “Yaquel! This Zilnia Sengrad IV is a famous horse that serves the Yandalunia family and has won awards in prestigious competitions! It’s more comfortable to ride than such a barbaric horse!” Yet he was rejected by Yaquel personally, “I, I can’t ride a great horse with such an outstanding pedigree.” It was also hilarious how he failed by his own words.

Guinn couldn’t help being happy at Sajis who is still staring daggers at him from diagonally behind them.

Guinn brought his lips close to Yaquel’s earlobe like he’s showing off.


“Is the ride uncomfortable?”

“Yes, it’s okay. What about Guinn-sama, aren’t you burdened? I’m sorry. I’ve never been on a horse before and are inexperienced…”


Sorry, aren’t I heavy? He was also concerned about Yuni, and the Yaquel who gently asked while stroking Yuni’s neck looked so adorable that in his heart, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOUUUU!!! he’s fainting in agony by himself.

After that, while Guinn overcame fainting in agony countless times, and Sajis also overcame his trembling rage many times, the entrance of the familiar Hana-Hana came in sight and Yaquel’s heart beat fast.


I’m back. I finally managed to come home.


Yaquel carefully got off Yuni upon arriving in front of the shop. He can’t control his heartbeat and he feels restless.

Seeing Yaquel like that, Guinn’s cheeks loosened.


“Yaquel, go in.”



He hasn’t thanked Guinn, Sajis, and Yuni properly yet.


“It’s okay. Don’t mind us and go in first. We’ll follow you later.”


Hearing similarly kind words from Sajis, Yaquel straightened his posture.


“Thank you very much!”


With a deep bow, Yaquel ran to the back door.


“He’s so adorable.”

“Yeah, his cuteness is destructive.”


Guinn and Sajis, who reached an agreement, were pleasantly watching Yaquel’s back.



There is still an hour left before opening hours. Everyone is probably preparing to open. 

He opened the backdoor and headed towards the hall of the main building to meet Retana and the others as soon as possible.




He doesn’t feel the usual frivolity from the familiar voice that he heard behind him.


“…Really… Are you really Yaquel…?”


The clerk’s voice was trembling, and Yaquel smiled reassuringly.


“I’m home.”

“……! Yaquel! YAQUEL!”


The clerk, who laughed so hard that his face collapsed, rushed over to Yakuru and grabbed Yaquel’s arms and legs and asked, “Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Confirming whether he’s injured or not.

His right hand was cut by the glass shard but when he was being treated in the detached palace, it was treated with the treasured recovery medicine that only the Royal Family uses which Bang brought so the wound has closed and it doesn’t hurt either.


“I’m okay. It’s nothing.”


Please see for yourself. He told the clerk, he puts his hands under his(C) armpits and lifts him up.


“He, hey! You fool, stop it. I got it, I got it so puft me down!”


Perhaps he was embarrassed, he protested by flapping his legs, so he slowly put him down.


“Well… I’m glad that you’re well.”

“Yes.. I’m alright. Uhm, Retana-san and the others are…”

“Oh, that’s right! Wait here!”


He wanted to ask where Retana was but the clerk went upto the middle of the the hallway and cupped both hands on both sides of his mouth and




he yelled loudly so that everyone could hear him.  Then, employees came out from the rooms all over, and when they saw him in person, “Yaquel!!” they called out his name.




The first to reach Yaquel was Aria, whose eyes were red. Nila and the other prostit*tes then approach Yaquel.


“You’re alive… Yaquel is alive…”

“Yes, I’m alive.”

“Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Yes, I’m safe.”


What a relief…, looking at everyone’s happy face with teary eyes, the corners of Yaquel’s eyes also felt hot.





Yaquel saw the face of the person he wanted to reassure the most in front of him, and ran up to Retana.


“Yaquel… Yaquel… gh”

“I have, come home.” 

“You were fine…”

“Yes, I have worried you.”

“No kidding, you stupid son.”


Retana’s voice trembled as she grabbed Yaquel’s hand, looking  emaciated compared to two weeks ago.

Ever since Retana heard that Yaquel had died, she has been unable to eat due to fear. She loved him like a son, and she couldn’t accept his death easily. When Guinn told her that he might be alive, she begged him with desperate hope. Still, her uneasiness did not fade, and until now, the uneasiness made her heart feel like it would burst.


I’m so glad… I’m really glad that you’re alive…


Yaquel gently wrapped his arms around Retana into a hug.


After that, when they finally calmed down, Guinn and Sajis, who came later, explained the process to everyone. Even if it’s the truth, they can’t say that the crown prince and His Majesty locked him up and faked his death, so they said that everything was Hylm’s subordinate’s misunderstanding. They said that Yaquel actually became ill in the palace and had been under the care of His Majesty for a while.

However, Retana and company realized. The truth is surely different. They suspected that Yaquel was involved in some kind of trouble. If not, that tattered tailcoat can’t be explained.

But what will change if they press a question to Yaquel and the other two? The other party is Royalty. They can’t deal with it just by themselves. Besides, Yaquel hiding it means that it’s for the best.

Retana and the others praised Yaquel with “You worked hard.” without asking more questions.


Yaquel was relieved that he somehow managed to deceive them but Guinn and Sajis perceived the other party’s sharpness and cleverness, and they were impressed by the bond between the shop’s employees.






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