TN: Changed Royal Villa to “detached palace”.


Reno, Guinn, and Sajis, who reached the storage room of the detached palace through the underground passage, carefully checked the surroundings for signs of others inside the hut.


“I can’t believe that there was such an underground passage connected to the detached palace.”


Guinn, who didn’t feel anyone else’s presence, loosened his guard.


“I also had no idea about the existence of this secret passage. I found out by examining the materials from the time of the previous king’s downfall in the civil war.”

“However, even though it’s such an old underground passageway, if you look at where the dust and cobwebs have been removed, there’s evidence that this place has been used recently.”

“That seems to be the case. Most probably, Bang must have used this when Yaquel-san was carried to the detached palace.”


Reno also nodded at Sajis’s comment.


“Is that intelligent officer called Bang strong?”

“Yes, on top of being smart, his combat strength is also quite high.”


Seeing as Reno, who most probably also has high skills as he is Alton’s spy, furrowed his eyebrows as he replied, Guinn braced himself upon realizing that the man named Bang might be a troublesome opponent.

After leaving the storage room, the three decided to capture the servants in the detached palace in order to quickly find out where Yaquel was. It would be troublesome if the guards found them so they hid in the shadows as they look for the servants. Reno found a servant trying to go down the stairs in front and tried to sneak up behind him.


“I cannot overlook you going behind your master’s back against his orders.”


Jumping off the stairs from the upper floor, Bang stood in front of the three of them, facing them with his usual cold eyes.


So he noticed us already……

Reno took a fighting stance while clicking his stance at Bang who possessed an ability to sense his enemy’s presence like a wild beast. Guinn stepped forward while Sajis, who was behind him, was also prepared for battle.


“Reno, step back.”


Reno took a step back obediently, feeling that Guinn, who seemed to be just standing straight, had no opening. Rather than challenging Bang himself(R), whose skills may be equal or below his(B),  it might be better to leave this to Guinn who was the strongest in the kingdom. 


“You’re Guinn-sama.”

“I am.”

“I believe that you understand this since you are a wise person but any further actions will be seen as a betrayal to His Majesty, are you fine with that?”

“I have not the slightest intention to betray His Majesty. All I have is anger towards you for kidnapping Yaquel and hurting the people of Hana-Hana.”


Guinn lowers his hips and takes a stance.


“Very well. Then, I shall be your opponent.”


Bang took advantage of a momentary gap and twisted his body with agile movements, turning and kicking Guinn’s abdomen. However,


“Too slow.”


just before it grazes his stomach, Guinn caught his leg.

But Bang remained unperturbed, calmly flipping his body back and freeing his leg from his grip.


“As expected of the Hero, you can’t be dealt with by ordinary means.”

“It’s also a waste to leave you as just an intelligence officer. How about this, why don’t you stop being an intelligent officer who can only come up with underhanded methods, and join the Knights Order instead?”

“Let’s see, how about I’ll think about it after Guinn-sama loses to me and retires from the Order?”


What a sarcastic fellow.

After reconfirming that they didn’t get along, the two distanced themselves, looked at the distance, and jumped out at the same time. In the middle of the breathtaking fight where Guinn’s fist might hit Bang’s face or Bang’s flying kick might land on Guinn’s stomach, a piercing sound of a glass breaking reverberated.


“What was that…?”

“Sound of glass shattering?”


As Sajis and Reno looked around them, Bang suddenly stopped attacking and turned his attention towards the direction where the noise came from, and after furrowing his previously expressionless eyebrows for a moment, he ran up the stairs wordlessly.


“Hey, where are you going!”

“Guinn, Reno, chase him!”


Sajis realized something and went after Bang first. The other two then followed him. Sajis caught up to the room where Bang stopped and grabbed the shoulder of Bang who opened the room’s door.


“Wait, isn’t Yaquel in this roo….. wha…”


What Sajis witnessed was, inside the room with the shattered window, Alton who was hanging onto Yaquel’s waist shakingly crying, “I’m sorry… Please forgive me…”, and the figure of Hylm who was hanging his head weakly beside him.




The scene that Sajis was seeing was unexpected, and the situation wasn’t something he could comprehend in a short time. However, more than the desolate room, more than the kneeling King Alton and Crown Prince Hylm, only the figure of Yaquel, who he desperately and hopelessly missed, looked divine.


He was alive… Yaquel was alive……!


There was no definite information. Whether the news that Yaquel was being held captive, that he died, or that he may be alive, everything was just what they heard and they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. They could only speculate and guess.

However, what’s currently right in front of their eyes is unmistakably Yaquel.




Guinn also felt the same way. Guinn pushed aside Bang and Sajis who were stuck at the entrance of the room and called out loud the name of his beloved Yaquel.


“Guinn-sama…? Ehh… how?”


Guinn, Sajis, and Reno appeared, and no sooner than Alton let go of Yaquel’s waist in inattention, Guinn, who rushed over, hugged Yaquel with all his might.

He’s alive! Yaquel’s alive!

He has been worried all this time. It felt as if his chest would burst open. He must keep telling himself that Yaquel is alive or his heart may break.

Feeling Yaquel’s warmth in his arms, he finally feels relieved.


“Guinn-sama? Why are you here…?”

“I was worried about you. I couldn’t stay still when I heard that you di*d.”


I am so glad... he said and hugged him even tighter.

Then Yaquel met Sajis’s eyes over Guinn’s shoulder and called out to him.


“Was Sajis-sama also worried about me?”


It’s Yaquel’s voice. He put his hand on Yaquel’s cheek as if lured by his gentle and warm voice.


“Yaquel… I’m sorry. If I were just more careful, something like this wouldn’t have…”

“Why are you apologizing, Sajis-sama? It’s because you were with me that I was able to come to the palace with a peace of mind. Certainly, a lot of things happened, but for the two of you to come here like this out of concern for me, I feel nothing gratitude.”


Thank you very much. Yaquel, who conveyed his gratitude, gently removed Guinn’s arm and bowed to him(G) and Sajis, aas well as Reno, who had come with them.


“Yaquel-san, your hand!”


Reno noticed Yaquel’s bloodied hand.

That’s right. This isn’t the time to be at ease. The current state of this room and the state of Alton and Hylm are obviously strange. Something happened before they arrived.


“Your Majesty! What exactly did you do to Yaquel!!”


Even if he’s the king, he will show no mercy. Even if he were arrested for treason, that alone would not be tolerated.


“You’re wrong! Guinn-sama! This is something I did myself.”

“By yourself…?”

“Why did you…”


Yaquel explained the earlier events to Guinn and the others while being treated by Reno. 

Alton and Hylm didn’t do it to him. It was a disrespectful act he did by himself because he couldn’t control his emotion. After telling them everything, he Yaquel went to Alton and Hylm’s side.


“I apologize about earlier.”

“No, we’re the ones who drove you to that point. We’re the ones who should be apologizing.”


Alton finally regained his composure and apologized with a, “I’m sorry.” Yaquel hurriedly stops Alton who bowed his head.

However, the other member of the Royal family on the other hand


“Yaquel… I’m sorry. But, nevertheless… no… I cannot bear to part with you after all… I don’t want to. Yaquel, please stay with me…”


was acting just like an immature young man had just turn 20, Hylm was talking willfully with a trembling voice and biting his lips. Maybe he had been bluffing and overreaching himself to show his maturity.


“Your Majesty, Your Highness, I will neither escape nor hide. If the two of you call for me because you need me, I will gladly come here.”


“Didn’t you come to hate us…”

“Of course not. I am well-aware. The two of you always thought of the people and worked diligently on your official duties for the sake of the country.”


That’s right. Even when Alton and Hylm were hiding Yaquel and were crazy about him, they were doing their jobs and official duties properly. Yaquel watched as he spared some sleeping time to look over documents. He was also watching them at their wits’ end, agonizing over what’s the best thing to do for the disaster tha happened in the countryside.

It’s true that Yaquel exploded out of anger at their behaviour unbecoming of a royalty towards him, but as a king who protects the country, he’s still a great person who should be respected.

Besides, they already apologized to him for their mistake earlier. As long as Yaquel can go back to Hana-Hana, he has no intention of blaming any further.


“I respect both of you. There’s no reason for me to hate you.”


“Yaquel… how could we do such a thing to a kind person as as yourself…! I am truly regretful.”

“Although it was a brief moment, I have experienced different things. Thank you very much.”


Yaquel took Alton and Hylm’s hand and gently planted a kisson their back back in gratitude.


“Yaquel… you’re so adorable!!”

“Ohh Yaquel! Ahh, AHH!”


Alton Ruthbeller, the 18th King of the Krantz Kingdom.

Hylm Ruthbeller, Krantz Kingdom’s Crown Prince.

They call Yaquel to the palace once a week, and they pay Hana-Hana three times the normal business trip fee.