“Yaquel wasn’t in the detached palace.”

When he received that information from Alton, Reno felt something unconvincing about it.  He gave up way too easily and he doesn’t seem like he’s going to pursue the matter regarding Yaquel any further. He also said, “It has been a while since I’ve been to the detached palace and it was very comfortable”, and went back there early this morning. When Reno tried to accompany him, Even I need my own private time, he said, and he dismissed Reno and the bodyguards.


It’s too suspicious. No, it’s too obvious. It’s unknown how it happened but he can only think that Alton is going to the detached palace to see the hidden Yaquel. For the parts that he doesn’t Reno about, he’s probably doing the same thing as and is conspiring with Hylm.

While he is my master, he is quite pathetic. Isn’t this completely being a mummy hunter getting lost and becoming a mummy? (TN: Can also mean “plan backfiring”. Read more here.)

Originally, as a subordinate, he should have overlooked Alton’s actions silently or cooperated with Alton, but Reno anyhow likes Yaquel very much.

The Yaquel he met at Hana-Hana treated him kindly and favored him despite his suspicious background. He was really impressed with his calm and gentle way of speaking and his serious approach to everything.

Ordinary people might think that being surrounded by the king and the crown prince while living in the palace will make them happy. However, Reno was convinced that Yaquel was different from those people.

Even if he was there for just a few weeks, it was conveyed to him quite clearly that Yaquel cares about Hana-Hana and its workers like family.

I’m sure that he wants to go home. He must be wishing to be with Hana-Hana. I want to help him somehow.

Reno was at the window of the library where the detached palace can be seen, pondering what he should do next.


“Reno, do you have time?”


Called by Alton’s attendant, Reno looked back.


“Is something the matter?”

“Well, Diplomat Sajis and Knight Captain Guinn have arrived in the entrance, and they wish to have an audience with His Majesty as soon as possible, but they couldn’t get in touch with His Majesty…. When I told them that, they asked if you’re available.”

“Sajis-sama and Guinn-sama have…”


Reno gasped as if he had some insight, and he hurried to where the two are.


Guinn and Sajis, who came to the palace early in the morning, asked the servant to urgently contact His Majesty but, unfortunately, they were told that Alton was absent. They couldn’t possibly just say ‘Okay, we understand’ and leave when it’s about Yaquel, so Sajis requested to meet Reno who is Alton’s intelligence agent.


“Sajis-sama, Guinn-sama, welcome. Now, please follow me.”


Reno acted as if he knew what they came for, as he greeted them briefly and lead them both to the guest room.

Guinn was shocked as to why Yaquel’s apprentice was here, but he understood upon hearing that he’s Alton’s intelligence agent.


“Reno-dono, apologies for being prompt but we don’t have the leisure for a slow conversation. Actually, the reason why we came here is–“

“I know. It’s about Yaquel-san, isn’t it?”


Sajis and Guinn’s bad relationship was easily discovered after a bit of research. It was originally a one-sided hate from Sajis, but they now hate each other mutually. They similarly have a high status, are equally famed for being handsome in this country, and they also both love the same man named Yaquel. It’s impossible not to notice.

Only Yaquel can make the two cooperate with each other. They must have come here to ask for Alton’s cooperation because they’re worried about Yaquel’s well-being just like Reno.


[You knowing makes it easier. ]

[Can you tell us in detail about Yaquel’s capture?]

[Of course.]


All three of them are worried about Yaquel. Reno told Guinn and Sajis about the situation with Hylm as well as the matter about Alton possibly cooperating with Hylm.


“Oh my God……”

“To think that even His Majesty is……”

“My sentiments exactly.”


Reno shook his head thinking how pathetic it was, and Guinn and Sajis couldn’t hide their shock that their respected Alton ended up in such situation.


To be honest, Guinn and Sajis could relate to Hylm and Alton’s feeling of wanting to hide Yaquel. They personally also had such thoughts many times. Each of them wants Yaquel for himself and loves him forever. They want him by their side. Just how many, many times they thought of that.

If they want to have Yaquel for themselves, they have both the status and money to do so easily. But they didn’t do it because they wanted to respect Yaquel’s choice. Besides, unfortunately, the place where Yaquel can shine brightly isn’t by their side but in Hana-Hana. Watching Yaquel as he vividly sweats while working thinking about Hana-Hana is truly beautiful.


Certainly, there are parts of them that sympathize with Alton and Hylm. Despite Guinn and Sajis having status, they can move freely. The can go wherever they like, eat whatever they want, and meet the person they like. But Royals are not the same. As the king of the country, he is always in the public eye, and his every action is monitored. Even if he fell in love with Yaquel, it’s impossible for him to go to the brothel where Yaquel works.

They have to call whoever they want to meet to the palace. In order for Royals like them who can’t even meet their loved ones to meet Yaquel who has a low status and works in a brothel, they can only put him under house arrest, foregoing Yaquel’s refusal.


The do sympathize with them. However, shutting Yaquel away because of that is just barking at the wrong tree. That’s because Yaquel also has his own will, and he has a place to go back to.


“I want to rescue Yaquel even if His Majesty becomes an enemy.”

“I also feel the same.”

“…Even if  you are treated as traitors?”

“Even if I get captured for treason, I’ll save Yaquel even if it costs me my life.”

“A man who can’t save the person he loves doesn’t deserve to live.”


Guinn and Sajis immediately replied without a second of hesitation. Reno accepted the strong will of these two reliable people and proceeded with the story of the Yaquel recapture plan.


The decisive battle was decided on the night two days after the harvest festival was held in the royal capital and the guards at the detached palace became weak.