ASTKO 30.2


Done with the after-treatment, Yaquel approached Alton while feeling obliged upon being told to go next to him by Alton, who was already reclining on the bed. Alton puts his arm around Yaquel’s shoulders and hugs him.


“Yaquel, I am truly grateful to you.”

“Please don’t be, Your Majesty”

“You’ve done way more than I expected regarding Hylm. To the extent that he put you in house arrest.”


Yaquel lowered his eyebrows in embarrassment at Alton who laughed.


“I’m sorry. I was late in helping you. “

“Not at all, I never imagined that Your Majesty would come. I’m the one who should be grateful. I have troubled you.”


And, “Thank you very much.” He once again offered words of gratitude.


“Yaquel, you are truly adorable. I understand those men’s feelings.”

“A, adorable…?”


While he has a masculine, sincere, and virtuous personality, the gap between purity and sexiness during s*x has taken a hold of Alton’s heart and isn’t letting go. With an inviting sexy expression and a body that seems to suck him in, as well as that rare instrument allowing you to enjoy intense pleasure , it’s all a natural occurrence that can’t be bought with money.


If Yaquel’s body and heart becomes mine then….


In Alton’s mind, a dangerous thought similar to that of Hylm passed through.


“Yaquel. How about you become my concubine?”

“Co, co, concubine!?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s currently abolished but if you become my concubine, I’ll restore the system immediately.”

“Your Majesty, you must not, please don’t do anything rash!”


Hylm also offered him to be his concubine, but he’s still only the crown prince so that event will be in the far future even if he becomes one. Their bodies had just connected at that time and the heat hadn’t subsided yet so he thought that he(H) wasn’t serious. But Alton is the current king. It’s fine since it’s Yaquel but if he said that to another then it won’t be treated as nonsense. If Alton also* hasn’t cooled down yet, he needs to cool down and come to his senses quickly.


“Yaquel, I’m serious.”


“What are you worried about… Oh, I see, if it’s the Queen then you don’t need to worry. The Queen is greatly supportive of getting concubines. It seems she not so fond of having coitus ith me. She’s too frail to be able to keep up with me.”

“No, that’s not it!”


Yaquel shook his head sideways, repeatedly saying ‘It’s not about that’.


“Oh my goodness, you’re also adorable when you’re anxious.”


Alton didn’t listen and rained kisses on Yaquel’s cheeks, lips, and eyes.

As expected, like father, like son. Yaquel was troubled by his actions that were exactly as Hylm did such as touching Yaquel all over his face and body as well as his relentless skinship, without listening to what he’s saying.


“Your Majesty, I would appreciate it if you stop touching my Yaquel all over.”


Just when the door opened with a *bang*, Hylm entered vigorously.

Unlike Hylm whose breathing was out of order and was in a bad mood, Alton caressed Yaquel’s cheek unperturbed.


“Hylm? Thanks for your hard work on your official business.”

“Are you listening, Your Majesty? I’m sure I told you not to touch Yaquel?”

“Why do I have to listen to you? Besides, Yaquel will become my concubine.”


Alton informed Hylm about it as if it’s already been settled that he will become his concubine even though Yaquel hasn’t given his consent yet.


“What are you deciding by yourself? It’s already decided that Yaquel will marry me and live here forever.”


It is not. Hylm ony said that willfully by himself.


“Hahaha, what marriage are you talking about? What you’re doing is confining Yaquel. Yaquel’s feelings are completely absent in the process, right?”

“Isn’t it the same with Your Majesty? Has Yaquel agreed to be your concubine?”


The two are growling at each other.

They won’t get anywhere if things continue like this. It may be discourteous but Yaquel decided to properly talk to them both.


“Your Majesty, Your Highness, please listen to me.”


Yaquel got off the bed and got on his knees.


“Your Majesty, please forgive me, I will not become your concubine. And Your Highness, I’m sorry, I have no plans on being a married couple with you here.”



“Please. Send me back to Hana-Hana.”


Yaquel placed his hand on his chest and bowed.

Silence envelops the room, and the cries from crickets coming from the outside can be heard. And after a while of silence, Alton quietly opened his mouth.


No…. I do not allow you to return.”

“No way…! You said earlier that you’d let me go back!”


Alton promised that he’d let him return to Hana-Hana after embracing him once. And yet…!


“I apologise for breaking my promise. However, I can no longer allow it.”


He never imagined Yaquel’s charm to be this amazing. He was thinking that he’ll be satisfied after holding him once and he was confident that he won’t become like Hylm and the others. He completely underestimated him(Y). It may be outrageous for a country’s king to renege on his promise, but Yaquel is so attractive that he can’t care about such a thing.

It’s impossible, he can’t imagine letting Yaquel go.


“Yaquel. I feel the same as His Majesty. I don’t want to lose you.”


When Hylm got into Yaquel’s side, he also got on his knees and hugged him.


“No way……”


Yaquel’s heavy voice disappears into Hylm’s chest. And Alton said something unbelievable.


“Hylm. It’s pointless even if we argue. How about you and I love Yaquel here?”



In contrast to Yaquel’s shock, Hylm enthusiastically turned towards Alton.


“That’s a great idea! I greatly want to monopolize Yaquel, but it’s not a good idea for me. Also, if the both of us hide him, there will be nothing to fear.”

“Yes, it’s exactly as you said.”


Alton, who went to Hylm and Yaquel, showed a strong and victorious smile like a king, and shook hands with Hylm.