The unconscious man appeared to only be sleeping. Moved into an arranged room next door, the man is apparently still sleeping soundly. 

Yaquel, who got extricated along with the man, was taught of the after-treatment method by the male prostitute that Retana called and was finally able to settle down in his own room. 

But he experienced something great. It didn’t even occur to him to have s*x with another man. Of course, although it was a job, he was participating in a business like this so he knew that there were customers who prefer acts like this with the same gender. There was also the fact that brothels with male prostitutes are also nearby and he also has friends who are in that profession, Yaquel held no prejudice towards same-s*x copulation. 

However, he never thought in the least that he will be on the receiving end of it until now. He’s neither delicate nor pretty. ‘Wanna try holding me?’, he was once teased by a male prostitute friend so even if there was a chance to embrace someone, to be the one embraced never even crossed his mind. 

Well, the act itself felt good, and if he can earn some money on top of it then he’d be grateful. 

As he was blankly staring at the ceiling while lying down, the door was knocked. 


“Yaquel, I’m coming in.” 

“Please, go ahead.” 

Since the incoming Retana sat on a chair, he also sat on the opposite seat. 


“How’s your body?” 

“Thank you. It’s already fine,” 

“I see.” 

“I’m sorry for troubling you.” 

“No, that’s not important. However, Yaquel.” 



Yaquel realized that Retana’s expression was stern and straightened his posture. 


“I won’t say anything because it was your decision but, you don’t regret it?” 

Retana is talking about how Yaquel sold his body arbitrarily. 

“Yes. I do not regret it.” 


Retana heavily exhaled when he replied with a resolute attitude but, ‘I see.’, she seemed satisfied. 


“However, let me just tell you this. All the workers here, you included, are my precious children. I don’t want any of you to experience anything bad. That’s why, if you feel that you don’t want to do it or if you think that it’s hard, don’t do it again. Understand?” 


Retana’s strong feelings were being transmitted even through her eyes. Retana is a lenient, strong, and beautiful woman in every way. Seeing a few grey hairs that weren’t there before glitter at Retana’s temple, Yaquel once more resolved to be this shop’s and Retana’s strength. 


“He wasn’t being excessive?” 

“Yes, it was fine.” 

“Is that so.” 


Yaquel also relaxed at Retana’s gentle expression. 

That’s all I came for, Retana stood up, and just when he thought she was going to leave the room, she approached the sitting Yaquel’s side, widely spread her arms, and tightly embraced him. 


“Let me tell my foolish son this………. Thank you.” 

 Retana was aware of it. That Yaquel was held by the man for the store and for her sake. She hasn’t confirmed yet whether it was to settle the man down or for money, but either way, what Yaquel did was all for the shop. He probably had his pride as a man. There must have been some bewilderment at being unaccustomed to it.  


Retana gently stroked the kind Yaquel’s head as if she was holding her own child. 


Retana’s hand was so warm that Yaquel closed his eyes and savor her gentleness. 



The next morning, he woke up to the rattling sound of footsteps walking around the hallway. Looking out the window, it’s still dim. 

Why is it so noisy this early in the morning? Yaquel left his room while rubbing his sleepy eyes. 

Yaquel stops a maidservant that’s rushing in front of him. 


“What’s going on?” 

“Ah! Yaquel-san, good morning!” 

“Good morning. Well, what happened?” 

“Aah! That’s right, it’s terrible!” 

“That’s why I’m asking, what is it?” 

“The horses of the Krantz Knight are outside the shop!” 


When he looked out to where the excited maidservant was pointing at, he saw a knight with the Krantz Kingdom’s flag as well as other knights on horseback on standby outside the hallway’s window. 

The Krantz Chivalric Order refers to the organization that this Krantz Kingdom’s knights, who protect the public order, belong to. The Order includes the Vigilante Knights Corp who can separately volunteer from towns and villages, as well as the Krantz Chivalric Order who directly reports to the Royal Family and protects the entire country. The knights standing in front of the shop are exactly those called the Krantz Chivalric Order who directly reports to the Royal Family. Moreover, the orange and white surcoats worn by the knights are clothes that only the elite of the Knights of Kranz, the First Order Knights, are allowed to wear. 

“Why is the Krantz Chivalric Order…” 


He realized after muttering. 

It’s that man. They’re definitely here to catch that man from last night. As I thought, he must be a criminal who was running away after committing a serious crime. That must be the case. 

You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t mind that man being caught, but I haven’t received any money from him yet. I must collect it before he gets caught. 


Yaquel hurriedly ran towards the man’s room. 

However, there are already several knights in the room, and they all pointed their swords at Yaquel who entered suddenly. 

Yaquel, who never thought that he’d be pointed a sword at, gulped and slowly stepped back.