When Alton arrived at the detached palace looking for Yaquel, the gatekeeper rushed over in a panic.


Your Majesty, I am sorry. His Highness Hylm is not here right now due to official duties.”

“I am aware. Let me in.”

“How, however…”


As Alton ignored the gatekeeper and went inside, he saw Bang walking towards him from the front. Even though the king was there, his imposing footsteps and unreadable expression were still as eerie, and Alton narrowed his eyes a little.


“Your Majesty, welcome.”

“Bang, enough with the greetings. Let me through.”

“Please forgive me, Your Majesty. I have received orders from His Highness not to allow anyone to pass through here. Even if it was Your Majesty, I cannot disobey my lord’s command.”


What ‘Lord’s command’. Everything is your idea anyway.

Alton was looking at the bowing Bang with cold eyes.


“You seem to be misunderstanding something, Bang.”

“Misunderstanding, sir?”

“This is the inner palace that I once built for my concubines. Now it has been abolished, and Hylm seems to be using it without permission, but on paper, this place is still my property.”


“Whose permission do I need to enter my own palace?”



Bang gritted his molars but no one could perceive that act. But only Alton could feel Bang’s discomposure amidst his expressionlessness.


“Understood. However, I ask that only Your Majesty can proceed inside from here.”


Bang called attention to the escort behind him and Leno, who should be lurking somewhere.

Alton was well aware of Bang’s nastiness so he didn’t want to prolong the negotiation and give him time to think. If he can get inside, he should be enough by himself.


“I agree.”

“Thank you very much.”


Alton ordered his guards and Reno to wait here and entered the palace with Bang.

He was about to be ushered into the guestroom promptly but instead, Alton opened the door that entered his field of vision and began searching for Yaquel.


“Your Majesty, please stop. Such conduct is unbecoming of a king. If you’re looking for something, please let me find it for you.”

You’re going to find it?”

“Yes, I will assist you with everything I have.”


“What is Your Majesty looking for?”


How brazen of you.

Alton felt like snorting at his way of playing dumb.


“I’m looking for Yaquel.”


“That’s right.”

“Your Majesty, he unfortunately fell to his death upon being attacked by a robber on his way home. Hylm-sama also mourned for him as someone he was once involved in. As such, Yaquel-sama is naturally no longer here.”

“That’s apparently so.”

“So then?”


Alton ignored Bang who he can seemingly no longer expect anything from and headed towards the room where he thinks Yaquel will most likely be confined from the start.

It’s a room that no one can see from the front and no one will notice where the detached palace’s garden can be seen clearly, the exposure to the sun is great, and the room is as spacious and extravagant as the VIP room.

When Alton also had concubines, he let the concubine he liked the most at that time live in that room. He could easily understand Hylm’s thoughts.


“Your Majesty, please proceed no further!”


When he turned around, the Bang who removed his expressionless mask came to stop him. Seeing him panicking like that, it’s unmistakably this room.

When he arrived in front of the room, he confirmed that it was locked with an outside lock that the other rooms didn’t have.


“Your Majesty, any further than this is…”

“Bang. Unlock this.”

“…I cannot.”

“I’ll say it again. Unlock it.”


He’s the clever ruler who revived and protected this country, after all. His terrifying intimidation and dignity robs Bang of even the will to resist.

It would be impossible to deceive Alton anymore. Alton was heading into this room with absolute conviction. Since they are father and son, they may have something in common. Besides, he wanted to avoid opposing Alton any further and worsening Hylm’s standing.

Bang opened the outside lock, bowed to Alton, and left.


Alton confirmed that Bang’s presence has vanished and twisted the doorknob.

Yaquel must be here. I have to rescue him quickly and assure him.

Alton opens the door, he goes inside and surveys the surrounding area but Yaquel is nowhere to be found.


“Yaquel? Are you here?”


He searched the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, but he wasn’t there. Hearing a clanging sound from the bedroom and identifying Yaquel’s location, Alton opened the door.



“……Oof eeh!?! You, You, Your Majesty?!?!”


Maybe he was in the process of getting dressed, Yaquel’s upper body was bare and his hands were on his half-worn pants.


“Eeh, Your Majesty, why are you, eehh?”

“You don’t have to be flustered, Yaquel.”


Yaquel, who was not able to grasp the situation, tried to put on his pants and top so as not to be disrespectful, but he  missed his clothes partly because he was in a hurry.


“Calm down.”


Alton picked up the top that fell on the floor and tried to hand it to Yaquel.

However, Alton stopped upon seeing Yaquel’s lustrous upper body as he went Huh? Huh? while searching.

This is the body that got Guinn, Sajis, and Hylm hooked? It’s certainly toned and not that bad, but I can’t imagine holding him closely in my arms like a woman. What’s so good about him? As I thought, is it the inside? Does he feel that good inside?

It would be a lie to say that he’s not interested. After all, it’s the body that drove those three crazy. Yaquel’s personality is also sincere and likable.


Let’s see, shall I give a taste?


Fortunately, Alton, who has lived faithfully to his instincts, also had experience with men. Alton, who has had s*x with more than 100 men and women, had a relationship with a woman with a rare body* in his past. That’s why he’s confident that even if Yaquel is indeed like that, he won’t become like those three. (TN: It’s *that* part.)

But it has been a while since I’ve had the urge to have s*x. If he really has a rare body, I want to have a taste at it.

Alton just wanted to hold Yaquel out of curiosity.




When he turned around and thanked Alton for handing out his clothes and said “Thank you” upon accepting it, his hand was pulled in the process and he was pushed into the bed.


“What… Your Majesty?”

“Yaquel, will you let me embrace you, too.”

“Tha, that… What do you mean…”

“Isn’t it fine? Just once is enough. Once that’s finished, I will send you back to Hana-Hana.”

“Is that true, sir?”



He doesn’t know why Alton is here. And he has no idea why  he’s being pinned down by him. However, when he was told that he can go back to Hana-Hana, Yaquel couldn’t choose to refuse Alton. The other party is this country’s king. He doesn’t think that an option to refuse exists.

His body isn’t something worth putting airs on nor is it noble. Besides, if Alton likes him like Guinn and Sajis, nothing will be more beneficial for Hana-Hana. 

I must take this as a chance and work hard.


Yaquel slips out of Alton’s arms and sat on the bed on his knees and lowered his head to Alton, saying, “Please treat me well.”