“Still, will the great womanizer Prince Hylm go that far for Yaquel who is a man?” 


Guinn greatly sighed at Sajis’s question.


“You don’t know anything about yourself, do you?”


“Until just a couple days ago, I thought that you were a unprincipled womanizing jerk, though?”

“What did you say!?”


Sajis involuntarily stood up upon being called an unprincipled jerk, but Guinn snorted unperturbedly.


“Isn’t that the truth? Before, you always seemed to be having a good time playing around with women serving you. What makes you different from His Highness?”

“Tha, that’s…”

“You greatly changed after meeting Yaquel. Am I wrong?”


It was as Guinn said. 

Sajis was wildly merrymaking with women so much when he met Yaquel, and now he can no longer feel attracted to any women. It’s also the same when it comes to work. He was inspired by Yaquel’s serious work attitude and he started to work on his job as a noble seriously. When he talked about his social circle and the difficulties he experienced during work, Yaquel’s eyes always shone as he appreciated and praised Sajis. That made him unbearably happy.


“You’re right.”

“Aren’t I? If so, it’s not strange if the womanizing prince similarly fell for Yaquel just like you did, right?”


Alton’s orders are absolute. Hylm most probably embraced Yaquel reluctantly. But whether he was reluctant or not, once he knows how great Yaquel’s body is, it’s only natural that he wouldn’t want to let him go. Moreover, Yaquel’s personality is like that. If it’s a high-ranking men like themselves who hate seeing arrogant and calculating women, they’ll be healed and drawn towards Yaquel’s pure, honest, and sincere attitude no matter what.


And if he’s smitten with Yaquel, of course he’d want to keep him by his side. However, you’re probably aware of this as well but, Yaquel only has Hana-Hana in his head. I don’t think that he’d choose His Highness no matter how much he asks.”


“His Highness has always got his hands on anything he wanted. There’s no way that he’d give up on Yaquel that easily.”

“That makes sense.”

“And he probably will do anything to make Yaquel his.”

“For example, like making Yaquel “die”, huh…”


Sajis responded to Guinn’s reasoning with a heavy voice.


“Perhaps, is Yaquel under house arrest or in confinement somewhere in the palace by any chance?”


“Well, all of these are just my conjectures, but since the existence of the robber can’t be proven and Yaquel’s corpse didn’t show up, I don’t think I’m off the mark.”

“Yaquel…… It’s my fault. If I had taken the situation more seriously, something like this wouldn’t have…!”


Guinn quietly watched as Sajis hit his thigh. He doesn’t feel sorry for him. Because it’s as he said. Even as of this moment, they don’t know if Yaquel is being confined by Hylm somewhere.

Guinn’s heart felt like it’s breaking just by imagining it.


“I’m thinking of leaving at dawn”

“…Where are you going? To the location where Yaquel was said to have fallen?”

“No, to the palace.”

“I’ll go as well! You plan to enter His Highness’s place, aren’t you?”

“I’m not doing something that dangerous. I plan on talking to His Majesty first.”

“I see, you’re right. If it’s His Majesty, he will surely stop His Highness.”



Guinn and Sajis were planning on asking Alton, who they trust, for help. Besides, Alton started it. There’s no way that Alton, who has a strong sense of justice and responsibilty more than anyone else, will neglect Yaquel. 

Although it’s all still just Guinn’s speculations, but even so, Alton will undoubtedly find out the truth and cooperate in rescuing Yaquel.


“All things considered, I just hope that His Highness will follow in His Majesty’s footsteps. It’s hard to imagine that His Majesty, who is gentlemanly and has a moderate interaction with women, is related to the womanizing prince by blood.”


For some reason, when Sajis denounced the selfish and unprincipled Hylm, Guinn tilted his head with a ‘huh?’ Sajis also felt a sense of discomfort in that situation but he continued to praise Alton.


“But isn’t that right? He has such a handsome face and a manly appearance that makes others envious, and despite his status as a king, he doesn’t have a concubine and loves only the queen. There’s no one who is as wonderful as him, is there?”

“… You, you don’t know?


Even though he was pleasantly praising Alton, Guinn interrupted him which made him frown unconsciously.


“About what?”

“Before His Majesty was engaged to Her Majesty, he was involved with 28 women all at once.”


“Besides, His Majesty’s libido was extraordinary, and because of his unfathomable s*x drive, the Queen begged him to get a concubine.”


“That’s why I heard from the former commander that before His Highness was born, he had more than 50 concubines in the detached palace, and he visited them every night.”

“Ohh” (TN: These “ohh”s are the only response he could come up with from shock upon hearing all these revelations, it looks like. lol)

“Ever since His Highness’s birth, he seems to have gotten tired of having s*x so the concubines were all dismissed, and he’s now living quietly.”

“Th, then, His Highness’s unprincipled lower body is…” 

“Unmistakably inherent.”


Sajis’s eyes twitched from too much shock.

To think that the situation of the lower body of Alton, whom he respects and admires, was like that…

No, but that’s only the story from his past. Since he seems to have become honest now, my respect for him doesn’t change.

But there’s something that Sajis is totally concerned about.


“…His Majesty’s partners were probably only women, right? There were no male concubines?”

“……I haven’t heard about that. Most probably, they were only women.”


Guinn immediately understood what Sajis was trying to say. And then an inference that he doesn’t want to imagine popped into his head.


If for some reason His Majesty’s libido returns again… And if the trigger was Yaquel…

Is Prince Hylm really our only rival? If Alton also gets added……


“There’s no way, right…”

“No way…”

Guess what?