Faintly opening his eyes, Yaquel noticed the unfamiliar ceiling and slowly raised his body. His body feels very powerless. He looked around him but it appeared to be a different room from before.

Where is this…

Yaquel tried to recall his memory but he felt pain in his head so he held his forehead with is hand.

 If he’s not mistaken, he graciously fell asleep on the bed with Hylm after the deed, and a pleased Hylm gently asked him to be his concubine when he(Y) woke up. But there’s the thing about Hana-Hana so he declined, he remembers until that part…. After that, Hylm was convinced and made tea for him saying that it will relieve his fatigue… then if felt very comfortable… Oh, I see. Did I fall asleep again after that?

Yaquel vaguely remembered and started sweating coldly thinking that he messed up. He sure is preposterous, brazenly falling asleep alone in front of Hylm. Yaquel regretted his disrespectful attitude and scratched his head.

Could it be that Hylm got angry because of that and got him transferred to another room? And to think that he never noticed that and was sleeping so deeply until now.

Yaquel checked if Hylm or anyone else was around but he couldn’t feel anyone’s presence. He wanted to check outside but when he tried to twist the doorknob, it was locked from the outside again and the door wouldn’t open. He tried to twist the doorknob with all his strength but he can’t destroy it like what he did in the previous room so he decided to stay put.


“Reno, are you there?”


Reno could be watching Yaquel’s situation from somewhere. Yaquel looked around restlessly to check if Reno would appear. But there was no response so Yaquel helplessly sat on the nearby chair. 

Like the previous room he was in, this room is also luxurious. Even if it only has one chair, he can tell just from touching it that it’s  made from high-quality materials, even the small object put on it has a high-class feeling to it and it must be very expensive so he doesn’t touch it carelessly.

Yaquel hangs his head while wondering what he should do now and lightly sighed.


“You’re awake.”

“Your Highness…!”


When he heard the sound of the door being unlocked and turned towards it, it opened and Hylm walked in. Yaquel hurriedly stood up and bowed.


“I’m sorry, Your Highness. It seems I fell asleep again…”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Did you sleep well?”


Hylm didn’t feel even the slightest displeasure, approached Yaquel and stroked his cheek.

Yaquel was reassured seeing Hylm like that was relieved.


“Yes, I did.”

“I see.”

“What about Your Highness, were you okay? Were you able to leave that room safely?”

“…You’re truly kind. You’re more worried about me than yourself.” (TN: And you pay back that concern by detaining him, you piece of pickled squid!)

“Not at all, sir*! I was the one who broke the doorknob so… ” (TN: About him being kind.)


Hylm preciously gazed at Yaquel with a bewitched expression and laughed with “hahaha”.


“I’m alright. A subordinate of mine came looking for me and unlocked it, then I was able to get out safely with you.”

“Is that so… I’m sorry, I couldn’t remember anything… I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

“It’s fine. Don’t mind it.”

“Uhm, so, this room is…?”


Hylm put his arm around Yaquel’s waist and lead him towards the sofa. Then he made him sit beside him and answered Yaquel’s question.


“Here is my private detached palace.”

“detached palace…”

“Only those who are permitted can come here.”

“I see… But is it okay for me to come to such a place?”


Hylm grabbed the anxious Yaquel’s chin and lightly touched his lips.


“My beloved Yaquel. It’s okay. Because this place will be my and your love nest from now on.”

“That’s…. what do you…”

“Exactly what I said. You will live here with me forever. I won’t let you return to that place called Hana-Hana.”

“That’ll be difficult for me…!”

“Don’t fret. I sent several manservants in your place.” (TN: You don’t have to be the king, just send a lot of scholars to run the country.)

“No, it’s not about that, I want to work in Hana-Hana, sir.”


Yaquel pleaded to Hylm but Hylm didn’t listen to him seriously and was enjoying the sensation of touching his(Y) face all over.


“You don’t need to work. I’ll buy everything that you want. What do want? Clothes? Jewels?” (TN: I want you to fXXk off. Thanks.)


Hylm seems to be treating Yaquel like how he treated the women he was previously in a relationship with.

He pulls Yaquel over as if he’s trying to coax him. However, what Yaquel wants is neither clothes nor jewelry.


“No, Your Highness. You just need to let me go back to Hana-Hana. Hana-Hana is the place where I belong.”

“Yaquel. Even if it’s the adorable you who’s requesting it, I can’t permit that. Because I don’t want to ever let you go.”(TN: Do you want a rebellion? Because that’s how you’re gonna make those two rebel.)

“Your Highness……”


Yaquel looked troubled as he furrowed his eyebrows. He never imagined that Hylm would fall so deeply for Yaquel. It’s true that Alton’s plan was a great success and Yaquel made Hylm fall for him, but rather than a willful lover, he ended up as a captive without any freedom.

That really put him in a tight spot. He doesn’t hate Hylm and to be honest, he’s happy that he(H) needs him. However, what’s the most precious and the most important to him right now is the future of Hana-Hana and the people he works together with there. That’s why he can’t live with Hylm here.

But Hylm is so engrossed with Yaquel that he doesn’t want to be away from him for even a moment and keeps on holding on to him, pouring down a rain of kisses on his cheeks, eyelids, and lips.


“Your, Your Highness, please listen to what I say. And it would be nice if you move a bit farther…”

-“Why? I’ve never treasured anyone like this before. I love everything about you. I love even your pores. I don’t want to be apart.” (TN: Okay, the pores part is funny. Still, fXXck you for now.)


He fawningly put both his arms around Yaquel’s waist, burrowed his face on Yaquel’s nape and sniffed his scent.

Oh boy… Yaquel gently stroked Hylm’s head while sighing lightly.



TN: Belated bday update for my brother and sister (July 13) and RIP to our beloved dog who passed the rainbow bridge on that same day.