From a hole on the ceiling, Reno patted his chest in relief while looking at the sleeping faces of Hylm and Yaquel. 

During the mission, Reno was peeking on the ceiling the entire time to make sure that the two had s*x, and he was very shocked at how discomposed Hylm was. 

Hylm was never that drowned in s*x when he investigated his behavior previously and he was always composed while pleasuring women. And yet, he couldn’t feel a millimeter of composure during his s*x with Yaquel, he was like a boy who was having s*x with a woman for the first time and completely lost control of himself. S*x with Yaquel must have felt that good. Just as Alton imagined, Hylm may really end up falling for a man.

Reno left with a peace of mind and disappeared from the ceiling to report to Alton, then he returned to his room after two days assuming that the two won’t wake up for a while.

After taking a nap for about four hours, he headed to the room with the outside key of the guest room to let Hylm and Yaquel out. Thereupon, the door that was supposed to be locked was open and when Reno rushed inside to check, Hylm and Yaquel could no longer be seen.

Just who on earth opened the room? Since this matter is top secret, nobody else should know that Hylm is in this room aside from him and Alton. 

In any case, Reno headed towards Hylm’s room in a hurry.


“Your Highness Hylm. May I come in?”


When he knocked on the door, Hylm’s voice saying “Come in” sounded from inside and Reno opened the door with an “Excuse me.” 

Reno entered the room and surveyed the surrounding with just his eyes, he looked for his presence.


“Is it Reno? What do you want?”

“Your Highness, please forgive for earlier.”

“Don’t worry, wasn’t it His Majesty’s order? You only followed it and there’s no need to apologize.”

“I’m very sorry.”

“You did well. My head has also cleared due to this time’s matter. I will now refrain from women. It’ll be troublesome if he sends another man forcefully again. Please relay that to His Majesty.”


He can’t feel any two-facedness from Hylm who smiled gently. If he wholeheartedly changed his mind then Alton’s plan is a great success. By the way


“Your Highness, who opened the outside lock? No one else aside from should have it.”

“Oh, the lock? It’s Bang. It seems he was worried because I was late to return so he opened it.”

“I see, Bang did…”


Bang is a secret agent under Hylm. If Reno is an intelligent officer who reports directly to Alton, Bang is an intelligence officer who is directly under Hylm. Moreover, Bang is also as smart as Reno, his specialties are undercover investigation and lock picking and he’s someone who Reno wants to avoid as an enemy as much as possible.

If it’s Bang who unlocked the door then it’s possible. It’s natural to look for his Lord if he doesn’t get back for hours without any communication.

Although Reno lamented his inadequate preparations and completely forgetting about Bang, there were no incidents so he didn’t worry about being careful the next time. Also, there’s one more thing he’s concerned about


“What about Yaquel-san? He wasn’t in the guest room…”

“Oh, Yaquel? He should have already gone back.”

“Gone back…?”

“Yeah. His body’s condition was good, you see. I invited him to be my concubine but he said something about the shop being important and refused. So, since he requested to return if we’re finished and because we’ve caused him some trouble, I gave him permission to go home. Is there a problem?”

“No, so that’s what happened…”

“Yeah, we’ve done something inexcusable to Yaquel. He wouldn’t have been summoned here if I had been more level headed. I just hope that he wasn’t offended.”

“No, I believe that he won’t think like that. He’s someone who will probably think of it as a good experience and be glad.”

“Yeah, you’re right…”


Reno and Hylm remembered the gentle and kind-hearted Yaquel and smile.


Reno leaves Hylm’s room and heads towards the gatekeeper.

Although he didn’t find anything suspicious with Hylm’s way of speaking and expression, something really bothers him. First, will Yaquel leave without saying anything to Reno and Alton? From what he felt when he was still in Hana-Hana, Yaquel holds a strong sense of responsibility and is serious when regarding his job. If it was the Yaquel that he knew, he would first report to Alton or himself(R) and ask if it was enough. Even if Hylm gave him the permission, Alton was the one who hired him. It’s hard to believe that he just left without Alton’s consent.

Reno reached the gatekeeper.


“A little while ago, didn’t a big man with dark gray hair come here?”


Yaquel’s appearance is quite impressive. First of all is that big build. You will be overwhelmed by that appearance just by seeing it once. If Yaquel passed through here, he(GK) probably won’t say ‘I didn’t notice.’


“Yes. If it’s that person then he passed by here about an hour ago. He seemed to be in a rush, but he greeted me nicely and left so I remember him.”

“I see… Thank you.”


It seems the gatekeeper clearly remembers and he doesn’t seem to be lying. 

It seems Yaquel really went back. It’s fine as long he returned safely. Fortunately, Hylm also changed his heart and said he’ll stop playing with women so Alton will probably be satisfied.

Reno looked at the main gate that Yakult would have gone through, and went back to the palace feeling a little lonely.


“What about Reno?”

“Right now, he seems to have returned from the gate.”

“I see. As expected of Reno to investigate even that point.”

“Yes, he is one of the most talented people in the organization.”


Hylm, who sat deeply on the sofa and re-crossed his legs, was listening to the temperate report of Bang in front of him.


“So, are there no oversights?”

“Yes. A man with a similar physique to Yaquel-sama was made to wear a dark gray wig and greeted the gatekeeper, so it must have left an impression on the gatekeeper. I believe that Reno will no longer have anything to be suspicious of.” (TN: Oy…)


Bang, who has black hair tied together in a bundle and shrewd slit eyes, give a cold impression in contrast to Reno. And it was one of the factors that warmth couldn’t be felt in his indifferent tone.


“I see. So, how’s Yaquel?”

“Yes, Yaquel-sama is still sleeping. It seems the dr*g is still in effect.” (TN: OY!!! Wtf???)

“No one found out?”

“Yes, since I used the secret passage to go to the royal villa, nobody should have seen me.”

“Well done.”

“No, sir. Please give your orders if there’s anything else.”


Bang left those words with Hylm and retreated from the room as if he’s fading.


Hylm recalled the earlier events. The s*x was like the heaven inside his dreams. He became so entranced with Yaquel’s body that he never wants to let him go forever.

After the deed was finished, Hylm thought that he wanted to wake up with Yaquel by his side while looking at the sleeping face of Yaquel who fell asleep. He tried to convince Yaquel to be his concubine when woke up. However, saying that the shop called Hana-Hana is important to him and he wants to go back as soon as possible, he refused to be his concubine.

But Hylm, who has become captivated with Yaquel in both heart and body, was unable to give up. He wanted Yaquel to be his one way or another and just when he(H) made him drink tea dr*gged with sleeping medicine, Bang timely came looking for him(H) and ordered him(B) to hide him(Y).


Everything went well. He brought him to the royal villa without anyone finding out. Only the people he permits can enter that place. With this, he can keep Yaquel by his side forever.

-Hylm imagined Yaquel, who was probably sleeping in his private villa, raised the corners of his lips while looking outside the window. (TN: tsk tsk tsk!)