(TN: Changed the CP’s name from Hillum to Hylm.)


“Your Majesty, I understand Your Majesty’s use of your intelligence officer to investigate. Just as you said, me and Yaquel have a physical relationship.”


Since Yaquel was still shocked by Reno’s age, Sajis proceeded with  the conversation.

There’s no need to hide it. He just needs to be bold about it. Fortunately, Alton has no prejudice against homosexuality. And just because he knows about their relationship, he isn’t the type to disclose it as a joke.


“So, what do you need, sir?”


Sajis was asked by Alton, and with the desperately-enduring-his-shock Yaquel’s pleasant reaction, his unintentionally loosened mouth hardened.


“I have an unreasonable request.”


At Alton’s formal state, Yaquel took his attention off Reno and straightened his back.


“Please be Hylm’s lover.”


Yaquel and Sajis, who couldn’t understand Alton’s words, repeatedly blink their eyes. The Hylm he mentioned was His Highness the Crown Prince, right? His lover? EHH? Did they mishear? Yaquel remembered the moment he self-introduced to Hylm earlier.


“Your Majesty, what do you mean to be His Highness Hylm’s lover?”


The one who reacted first wasn’t Yaquel but Sajis. The openly displeased Sajis took a step forward as if he’s trying to protect Yaquel.


“Hylm’s bad philandering habit should be something you’re also aware of.”



Of course he knows that. He’s always waited upon by women he fancies, he’s not content with just one so he usually walks around with a few of them in tow. He whispers words of love to them whenever he wants and embraces them whenever he pleases. That was Hylm’s everyday routine that Sajis is familiar with.


“No matter how much I shame-talk and find fault with his philandering habits, he only responds without properly listening to what I say. He manages to end it safely until now but at this rate, it’s possible that Hylm’s children will start popping up all over the place.”


“I’m sure that you’re aware without me telling you, he’s my only son and the future King. If he had male children everywhere, he’ll obviously be confused with the succession subject. In fact, the reports about women approaching Hylm with that in mind have increased.”

“…….Nevertheless, what does Yaquel have to do with that?”

“Yaquel has an attractive body, doesn’t he? If not, it’s impossible for not just you but also Guinn to be so crazy about him.”



It’s Alton they’re talking to here. He has surely investigated that part as well.


“Even if he doesn’t become his lover, I want Yaquel to make him fall for him. To the point that he loses interest in women.”

“That’s!… Bu, but then there may be a problem with future successions.”


Sajis repeatedly tries and fails to change Alton’s mind in this short amount of time.


“He’s also probably aware about that matter. Even if it’s only for show, he should be able to take a wife to have an heir. He also knows that that’s one of his obligations as a King. And if he becomes interested in the other party* then that’s a matter worth celebrating for.” (TN: If Hylm falls for his queen.)


He’s got to be kidding me. This isn’t funny at all. As if I’m going to give Yaquel to that peerlessly deceitful bastard!

Sajis, who had never imagined that Alton has thought that far, pulled Yaquel’s waist in a panic.


“But Your Majesty, I also talked about it the other day but Yaquel is a very very important person to me. I can’t let you treat him like this!”

“I didn’t really understand that part even with Reno’s reports. Are you two dating? Did you promise to be together in future?”


Sajis “ugh”ed and gritted his teeth at Alton’s question.

They’re not dating nor did they make any promises for the future. He wanted to do that so much, and he has also conveyed his feelings to Yaquel. But for Yaquel, Sajis is an important customer,  nothing more and nothing less.

If he tells him “I like you (as a love interest)”, he’d respond with “I also like you (as a customer)”, and if he says” I want to always be with you(in a ‘be my wife’ sense)”, he’d reply with, “I also want to be together with Sajis-sama all the time (meaning: please always come to Hana-Hana in the future as well).

It may look like mutual love, but it’s totally Sajis’s one-sided feelings. That’s why* (TN: His thoughts got interrupted here,)


“Absolutely not, Sir! Me dating Sajis-sama is outrageous. Sajis-sama is like a god who buys an unrefined guy like me. It’s so rude to be thought of as Sajis-sama’s lover that I feel terribly apologetic towards him.”


Yaquel thought that’s the right thing and denied it with all his heart. (TN: Customer-zoning at its finest. *chef’s kiss*)

It was Sajis whose shoulders drooped down at his words, and Alton raised his mouth into a smile.


“Then, there’s no problem, right?”


As if to follow up, Alton led Yaquel with his skillful words this time.


“I especially recognize both Sajis and Guinn as my beloved subjects. If Yaquel, who is your favorite, refuses my request and says that he doesn’t want to no matter what, I will give up this time. Although I find it greatly disappointing, I’m not a demon either.”


In contrast to Alton whose eyebrows drooped down sadly, Sajis raised his face with sparkling eyes when the words “give up” entered his ears. However


“No, Your Majesty. I have truly been under Sajis-sama and Guinn-sama’s care, and thanking them every single day isn’t enough to show it. I can’t possibly refuse the request of Your Majesty, who especially treasures the two of them.”


Sajis remembered. Yaquel was a man who was more honest and upright than anyone else. He was a kind man who prioritized his loved ones over himself.


“Hey, Yaquel!!”


He hurriedly tried to stop him but


“If someone like me can help,  I will respectfully accept it in order to meet your expectations.”


Yaquel bowed deeply to Alton.




Things went quickly after that. Sajis, who easily fell for Alton’s leading words, was made to exit after fruitlessly resisting. Then Yaquel was lead towards a room that had been prepared according to Alton’s instructions.


“This is Yaquel-san’s room. You’ll have to live here for a while.”


Reno, who guided him, explains.


“About how long should I stay here… sir?” (TN: He was talking casually then  switched to formal at the last part.)


It’s hard to believe to suddenly but if Reno is indeed older, he has to change his attitude from his previous one.


“You can be just as you were before. Don’t worry about it.”

“… Then I’ll do that.” (TN: He’s back to speaking casually.)


Although he still looks the same, he was glad that he has a pronounced memory during his times with Mareido.


“So, how long will it be?”


What he’s worried the most is Hana-Hana. It’s already understaffed and if he’s gone and so is Reno, they’ll probably be burdened quite a lot.


“The duration hasn’t been decided. Hmm~ what’s for certain is that it will be until His Highness Hylm falls for you. Are you concerned about Hana-Hana?”


-“Then it’s fine. A few helpers will be sent until you return.”

-“Is that so? Thanks for that.”

-“I also like Hana-Hana, after all.”



There was a time while he was working in Hana-Hana as a spy, he was taken by the shop’s comfortable atmosphere that he almost forgot about his mission. The kind-hearted employees easily accepted the unknown Reno. Thinking that he was a child, they hugged Reno and told him, It must have been terrible, it must have been difficult, you’re gonna be fine from now on. Yaquel was also the same. He(Y) would always worry and call out to him and was kinder than anyone else. That’s why Reno has decided.


“Yaquel-san. Please be sure to tell me if there’s something you don’t like. I’ll try to do something about it.”

“…Thanks. But, what will happen if by chance His Highness Hylm doesn’t like me?”


The possibility of that happening is high enough. Why, because it felt that Hylm didn’t have a good impression on Yaquel when they first met. Even more so if he likes women, he didn’t think that Yaquel whose body and face were greatly opposite to that of a woman would be desirable.


“If that time comes, there’s nothing we can do about it. I believe you can return to Hana-Hana immediately if that happens.”


He just has to do everything that he can and if it doesn’t work then that’s that. And if that can make him go back faster, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Yaquel uncomfortably sat down on the most modest-looking chair  in the corner of the room while darting his eyes around the room he was given.