Retana, the clerk, Yaquel, as well as Nila who didn’t have a customer were seriously looking at the letter containing the royal seal placed on the table.


“I wonder what it’s about…”

“Retana-san, did you do something?”

“Of course, I didn’t.”

“Then, any idea?”

“Not a thing.”

“I know right…”


She has never received nor seen a letter from the Royal Palace. It’s not like she’s an upper-class noble, and as someone who does business away from the royal capital, she honestly can’t comprehend it.


“Could it be fake?”

“No, this high-quality paper and crest of a golden-edged sword are without a doubt from the royal family. If it’s fake, they won’t spend this much trouble and money.”


The clerk inferred with folded arms.


“Retana-san, open it and see.”

“You, you’re right.”


Nila nudged her back and Retana finally held the letter. Retana opened the seal with a paper knife, took out the letter inside, and carefully checked its content.

Just by watching her state, the clerk, Nila, and Yaquel also became nervous and gulped.


“…What does it say?”


When the clerk peeked at the letter, Retana slowly opened her mouth.


“… Come to the palace’s audience room eight days later, it said.”

“The, THE PALACE!??”

“Why in such a place!? What’s the reason?”

“It’s not written.”

“Oh no… So, what are you going to do, Retana-san! Are you going?”


Yaquel is so nervous out of his mind because of the seriousness of the situation, and Nila and the clerk are being agitated while listening to Retana.


“It’s not me.”


“I’m not the one being summoned.”

“If not you then who is it?”


“Yaquel Rogino. That’s what’s written here.”


Yaquel’s waist almost gave out after hearing his own name from Retana’s mouth.


“It’s addressed to Yaquel Rogino. The sender is His Majesty, King Alton.”

“Hi, Hi, Hi, HIS MAJESTY!!?!??”

“The real one?!”

“Yeah. His own signature and royal seal are printed here.”


The clerk and Nila couldn’t hide their shock as they pressed her for an answer, so Retana showed the letter to them both.



“It, it’s real……”


Confirming its authenticity with their own eyes, the clerk and Nila once again look back at Yaquel.



“What on earth did you do…?”


Yaquel weakly sits on the chair and, I didn’t do anything! I didn’t do anything! could only shake his head repeatedly.


Since this wasn’t a topic they could understand by themselves, Yaquel and Retana decided to consult with Sajis who visited the next day. They thought that since he’s close to the Royal Family, he might know something.

However, even Sajis who read the letter, couldn’t understand Alton’s intention in calling Yaquel and could only tilt his head. Only, he advised since this is like His Majesty’s summons, that he can’t refuse it without any valid reason, and ignoring it is absurd.

 So I really have no choice but to go…

Yaquel read the letter again with an anxious look. He honestly has no idea. Did he do something that would shake the nation without his knowledge? (TN: Hehe, guess?)

Looking at Yaquel being nervous, Sajis pulled Yaquel’s waist close and promised that he will also go with him(Y).


Sajis kept it a secret from everyone but he somehow has a clue about Alton’s intention.

The reason for summoning Yaquel who is only a manservant of a small brothel in a small city. It probably has something to do about yesterday’s offer to Guinn and Sajis to be Lilia’s fiance which they refused. It’s unknown how far Alton has investigated but after learning about Yaquel’s existence, he may have understood something to some extent.

But, realizing that, why is he calling Yaquel over to the palace? To threaten Yaquel and make him back off? For his beloved daughter who couldn’t get over us? No, I don’t think Alton is that attached to Guinn and me. If he’s looking for a suitable fiance for his beloved daughter, he should be able to find one. Alton certainly loves Lilia, but he’s not a blind parent. Alton shouldn’t be stupid enough to turn us, who are loyal to him, into his enemies.


He became interested in Guinn and Sajis’s beloved──


That’s the most suitable reason. If that’s the case then it’ll be simple. He can just ambiguously flirt with Yaquel in front of Alton. He’ll show it to Alton until he gets weary, making him lose interest.


The smart Sajis instead formed a plan to use this and show Yaquel that he’s capable and dependable and shorten their distance.


On the appointed day, Sajis invited Yaquel into his carriage when he came to get him.

At first, Yaquel stubbornly refused, saying that it would be discourteous for a lowly man like himself to ride together in a carriage with a high-ranked noble like him. But since Sajis said, “If you’re going to walk to the royal capital then I’ll also walk with you”, Yaquel, who appealed towards the escort and the servant, unwillingly shook their heads.

In inverse proportion to the good mood of Sajis, who was almost glued to him, Yaquel uncomfortably curled himself into a small ball due to the luxurious interior made with high-grade materials, including the seats, handrails, and details, and tried not to touch anything as much as possible.


“You don’t need to be nervous.”

“However, Sajis-sama…”


It’s strange not to be nervous in this situation. Riding this exclusive aristocratic carriage, going to the palace, and meeting His Majesty the King, are situations that he has never experienced before. Even now, Yaquel’s heart was about to burst from the anxiety and tension.


“It’s alright, Yaquel. I’m here. It won’t be scary.”


He puts his hand on Yaquel’s cheek while looking at him with charming eyes. Looking at those gentle eyes made Yaquel’s shoulders relax a little.

He was truly glad that Sajis was with him. If there was any suspicion towards him that he needed to explain to His Majesty, Sajis would definitely help him who was inadequate with words. He was very grateful for that alone.


“Thank you very much. Sajis-sama.”


Yaquel smiled with a reassured expression.


“Please don’t look at me with such a defenseless face. It makes me want to love you right now.”


Sajis, who pulled Yaquel over to him, whispered in close proximity that their lips almost touched. Because of the closeness of that distance and Sajis’s words, the shocked Yaquel “ehh… ehh… but” showed a perplexed expression.


“Hahaha, I know. If I do that, we’d both lose our energy by the time we get to the royal court and won’t be in the condition to meet with His Majesty.”


Yaquel was relieved that he was only being teased.


“Besides, it’ll be a shame to let this chance pass. Once we return to Hana-Hana, I want to savor thoroughly undressing you one piece at a time in that room.



After it was decided to meet in the royal court two days later, Sajis brought a tailor from the royal capital and had him make a formal dress that suits Yaquel in a hurry.

Not only Yaquel but also Sajis praised the tailor for the fine dress that they couldn’t believe was finished in just three days. He wears a gray vest in a black tailcoat that goes well with his dark gray hair. His personal grooming was also arranged, the clerk asked Nila to set his hairdo so there was no bed hair.


“You look very handsome, Yaquel.”

“Thank you very much…… But such fine clothing, is it really alright for me to accept it?”

“Of course. Please don’t take away from me the joy of embracing you who wore this suit.”

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