At the royal birthday held at the royal court, famous nobles and powerful people from all over the kingdom in order to celebrate the Queen who turned 40 this year.


Sajis, who finished greeting His Majesty and the Queen as quickly as possible and was chatting with his friends with a glass in one hand, left to take a short break and was enjoying the night breeze at the balcony.

Even though he only danced with a few female acquaintances, he felt exhausted. Usually, he would flirt with a girl he’s attracted to and have a one-night stand. But lately, he didn’t feel like doing that. Because he doesn’t find those ladies more attractive than Yaquel, he didn’t think that having s*x with them would give him heavenly pleasure. No matter how much they push their plump chests at him, even if they look at him with feverish and expectant eyes, even if they beg him to embrace them, Sajis didn’t get excited at all.

He’s fully aware that it’s strange. To think that I would be crazy about that clumsy man’s big body…

Sajis took a sip of alcohol in the glass, and while looking up at the stars suspended in the night sky, he was remembering his(Y) clumsy smile and wondered, What’s Yaquel doing right now?


Even though he only danced with a few female acquaintances, he felt exhausted. Usually, he would flirt with a girl he’s attracted to and have a one-night stand. But lately, he didn’t feel like doing that. Because he doesn’t find those ladies more attractive than Yaquel, he didn’t think that having s*x with them would give him heavenly pleasure. No matter how much they push their plump chests at him, even if they look at him with feverish and expectant eyes, even if they beg him to embrace them, Sajis didn’t get excited at all.


He’s such a cloying man wherever he goes.


Sajis and Guinn who met each other’s eyes sharply glared at one another.

Guinn’s feelings towards Sajis are just as bad. In the past, Sajis was one-sidedly aware of Guinn but now, Guinn also couldn’t help disliking Sajis. Just looking at his face makes him more irritated.

That’s right. The reason why the two of them are restraining each other is, of course, because of Yaquel.


”How dare he get overly familiar with my Yaquel.” (TN: They’re both thinking this.)


The two were glaring at each other so coldly that the surrounding seemed to freeze.

Although Guinn was wasted and assaulted him at first, he now truly wishes to keep Yaquel by his side and protect him forever. And Sajis forgot his original goal of angering Guinn, he’s now totally entranced with Yaquel.

It’s unbeknownst to everyone around them that this country’s two top-level beauties are unexpectedly doting on a brothel’s manservant. That’s why the hot gazes of the women who are always floating with sex appeal are poured towards them, vigilantly watching for opportunities to become Guinn and Sajis’s women. And it was not only the noble ladies who were aiming for the positions as their women.


After the ball was over, Guinn was summoned by His Majesty’s servant and was visiting the designated room. Inside the room that the servant led him into, King Alton and his Queen were already seated, and the two’s beloved daughter, Princess Lilia was sitting in between them.


“I’m sorry for calling you so suddenly.”

“Not at all, please say any request you have, Your Majesty.”


Guinn placed his hand on his chest as if to swear his allegiance.


His Majesty King Alton is a meritorious person who made Krantz, which had declined more than a dozen years ago, as prosperous as it is now. The previous king was dismissed by his son, Alton, for causing turmoil in the country and tormenting the people after political activity in his own interest.

Alton was originally the secret child of the previous king so his existence wasn’t known to the public. But maybe that situation had helped him instead, he had grown into a sensible and strong man who is accomplished in both literary and military art. The crown prince who was the original successor was said to have been strangled to death while having s*x with a prostitute, which was the last thing that made the loyal subordinates at that time disappointed with the royalties’ blunder so they looked for Alton as their last hope. They were deeply impressed by the founded Alton and convinced him to become the next king. From there, it was over quickly like a tale of an invasion of social order. Ever since Alton replaced the king, the excessive tax was adjusted to an appropriate amount and the burden on the people was eased. After signing a peace agreement with his hostile neighbor, peace finally came to Krantz.

Guinn swore his allegiance because he was that Alton.


“Please sit, Guinn, the other one should be arriving here soon.”


Instructed by Alton, Guinn sat on the opposite sofa.


“Your Majesty, Young Master Sajis has arrived.”


Hearing the name that the servant announced to Alton, Guinn’s eyebrows twitched upwards. And it also seems to be the same with the newly-entered Sajis who, although just for a moment, frowned after Guinn came into view.


“I’m also sorry for the suddenness, Sajis. Please sit over there.”

“Not at all, I will always welcome Your Majesty’s invitation any time.”


Sajis sits next to Guinn. On the other side are Alton, the Queen, and the princess sitting nicely.


“Ooh. As expected of the two most handsome men representing the country of Krantz, seeing you side by side is really impressive.”

“Truly. It’s a feast for one’s eyes.”


Alton and the Queen were delighted with excitement.


“I’m honored by your praise.”

“Your acknowledgment is more than I deserve.”


As Guinn and Sajis bowed their heads, sitting between Alton and the Queen, Lilia repeatedly tapped Alton’s knee urgingly, calling “Otou-sama*”. (TN: Father)


“Ohh, that’s right. I unintentionally stared.”


Alton gently stroked his pouting beloved daughter’s bangs then faced Guinn and Sajis again.


“This may be out of the blue, but Guinn and Sajis. What do you men think of our Lilia?”


Alton placed his hand on the back of his beloved daughter whom he’s proud of and pushed her forward. Lilia’s cheeks blushed as if she were shy.

Lilia looked very much like the Queen. Her feminine slender body and lovely countenance were very attractive, and her big eyes were sparkling while reflecting Guinn and Sajis.


“Princess Lilia is a hard worker like Your Majesty. I heard that she is active in various studies and horse riding these days.”

“Hoh~. It must have been outstanding if it managed to reach Guinn’s ears. And, what about you, Sajis?”

“Yes. Princess Lilia has become extremely beautiful these last few years. Ever since her social debut the other day, she has already become a common topic amongst even us nobles as a lovely lady.”

“I see. Isn’t that great, Lilia?”


Lilia shyly nodded ‘Un’ while looking down. (TN: Yes, but cutesy.)


“With that being said, I called you both today to talk about Lilia’s intention of choosing a fiance as she turns 18 the month after the next.”


Guinn and Sajis understood Alton’s objective with those words.


“You see, Lilia greatly likes you both and I’m also thinking of making one of you two who have loyal hearts, a good family, as well as competency, with nothing to criticize about, to be her fiancé. How is it? Even if you take out the favorability of her parents, I don’t think she’ll lose to any other ladies out there. It’s not a bad deal for you two either, right?”


Contrary to the perplexed Guinn and Sajis, the Queen and Lilia were smiling as if it was only natural that they accept it.

Certainly, it’s not a bad arrangement. On the contrary, the offer is so great that most men in social circles would want it so bad they’d be grateful to have it.

Besides, Lilia is well-educated and beautiful, there’s nothing left to be desired. Even now, her action of looking at Guinn and Sajis with upturned eyes can be considered to be typically charming and lovely. But for Guinn and Sajis, what they consider to be charming and lovely was his humble appearance when he hurries to wipe away the sweat from working upon their sudden visit, or his refusal when they try to hug him because he stinks of sweat.

In their brains, Yaquel’s happily smiling face when he saw Guinn and Sajis’s faces despite being busy with his chores appeared.


“Your Majesty, I am grateful for your offer but I already have someone in my heart. That’s why I would like to refuse this time’s proposal.”

“… Guinn, so that’s how it is… Although I had no idea, I apologize for the unnecessary proposition.”

“Absolutely not! I’m sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations.”


Saine wholeheartedly apologized. If possible, he wanted to take the feelings of the man he respects, Alton, into consideration. But the one in his heart is neither His Majesty the King nor the beautiful princess in front of him. It’s Yaquel.


“Sajis. What about you?”


Alton asks Sajis this time. Lilia got discouraged for a moment after Guinn’s immediate refusal but after hearing Sajis’s name, her eyes once again twinkled as she raised her head.

And in a sense, Guinn is also nervously looking forward to Sajis’s response.

He can have Yaquel to himself if Sajis got engaged to Lilia, and he can love him as much as he wants. And once their intimacy deepens, Yaquel might come to depend on him.

Guinn’s lips subconsciously loosened while imagining such a future.


“Your Majesty, I am grateful for your overwhelming offer, but my heart is already set on someone else as well. And if possible, I want to be with that person for the rest of my life.”


The one who reacted the most to Sajis’s words wasn’t Alton, the Queen, or Lilia, it was Guinn.


How dare he say something so selfish! (TN: Hello Pot, meet Kettle! :))


Guinn didn’t show it on his face but he was seething inside. And it was the same for Sajis.


What ‘my heart is already set on someone’? The one who will be with Yaquel is me.


They both understand that they’re talking about Yaquel so  it’s as if there’s a wall of ice even though they’re sitting next to each other.


And Lilia, who was also rejected by Sajis, slumped her shoulders and couldn’t hide her shock. Alton and his Queen, who were confident that either of the two would accept the proposal, were also greatly disappointed like Lilia.


“I see… That’s also the case for Sajis? Both of your behaviors showed no signs of it so I thought it would be easy. I did something inexcusable. Forgive me.”

“Of course, Sir. I’m sorry that I acted in a misleading way where I should be willing to accept it.”

“Please allow me to apologize to Princess Lilia as well. Princess Lilia, Your Highness is truly a charming lady. I’m sure that in the future, you will find someone who is more excellent and outstanding than me. Please do not be discouraged and smile. I thank you for your offer today.”


Guinn apologized to Alton and the Queen and Sajis apologized to Lilia.


It was all because of Alton’s simple thinking, but the two of them were painfully aware that they caused Princess Lilia’s humiliation as the result. But be that as it may, they never regretted choosing Yaquel over her.

It’s fine with this.

Guinn and Sajis bowed to the three and left the room.


Looking at the back of the two who went out resolutely, Alton was thinking deeply with a mysterious expression. And, no one was able to notice that the subject of that thinking has something to do with Yaquel.



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