He looks down at the crouching Yaquel and his gorgeous appearance made him(Y) subconsciously swallow his breath. His translucent white skin, supple and slender waist, and his small mouth that contrasts with his sparkling big eyes are bewitching and erotic. His soft blond hair fluttering in the wind was so light and lovely that it knocked down the uplifted spirit of Yaquel who was just complimented.


“Hey, I’m asking you here.”


Yaquel, who is rooted on the spot because of how gorgeous he is, replied in a hurry.


“Oh. That’s me.”


There should be no need to use honorifics to the male prost*tute who is obviously younger than him. And even though this is their first time meeting, it was the man who lacks courtesy by bringing behind him a few big and imposing escorts as if to show off.


“I don’t want to use violence so can you obediently come with me?”

“And if I refuse?”


Seeing that the bodyguards took 2-3 steps forward, Yaquel gave up and followed the man’s words as he was outnumbered.

Just what are they after? Does it have anything to do with Hana-Hana, or is it personal? Either way, I don’t feel any favorable feelings from him. I should be careful about this.

While Yaquel was being surrounded by the bodyguards, he caught the back of the man walking slightly in front.

He was taken to a building away from the brothel where the man is working. He made the bodyguards stand guard outside the door and ordered them to never enter unless he ordered them to.


“This is like my secret hideout. Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“I see.”


The man’s composure can be seen as if he’s inviting an acquaintance. He didn’t exude any good feelings towards Yaquel but there was no malice either.

Take a seat, he noncommittally said and sat on a nearby chair.


“Ooh, that’s right, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Eunick Safardo. I’m working in this male brothel. Are you aware of it?”


“Great. Then this conversation will be quick.”


“I hate beating around the bush. So I’ll get right to the point.”


He was smiling gently but Eunick’s eyes quickly became shrewd.


“Take your hands off Sajis-sama.”


Yaquel was shocked that Sajis’s name came out from Eunick’s mouth. In the first place, it hasn’t been made public that Yaquel is Sajis’s partner. That confidentiality should have been kept a close-guarded secret within Hana-Hana. Hana-Hana’s employees probably won’t dig their own graves now that business is starting to get on track and above all, everyone loves Hana-Hana so it would have been impossible for them to indiscreetly talk about Yaquel.


 “What are you talking about?”


It’s best to pretend to be ignorant here and see how the other person reacts.


“You don’t have to lie to me. Because I know about it. That not only Sajis-sama but also Guinn-sama nominates not a prostitute but the manservant you.”



Eunick was being confidently bold as if he had evidence in his hands.

Just where did it leak from? And just how far has it spread? If it’s already too late, would it tarnish Sajis’s and Guinn’s names?

Yaquel’s face pales.


“Relax. I’m the only one who knows.”


It’s impossible to trust him. He was brought into this place semi-coercively. He can’t possibly say, Aah, I’m glad.

As if to show his composure, Eunick brushed up his hair with his slender and delicate hand.

Yaquel ‘ahh’ed upon seeing that arm. And he remembered. The other day, the arm that coquettishly wrapped around Sajis’s escort’s arm was white.

… It could be that it was the escort who spilled it out.


“Did you hear it from Sajis-sama’s escort?”

“… Ohh. You know that Sajis-sama’s escort came to our shop.”

“Yeah. I coincidentally saw it the other day.”

“I see… Who knows? I wonder. I have no plans to divulge my source of information.”


“Well, it doesn’t really matter whether I say it or not and whether you’ll trust me or not. But all I can say is that my goal is neither to trick you nor put your shop in a difficult situation. To say nothing of damaging Sajis-sama’s honor since that’s just impossible.”

“Then why did you take me here?”

“Didn’t I just tell you? To let go of Sajis-sama.”


Eunick is fundamentally rational. if not for his high-handed attitude, there’s nothing to rave about. It’s just that he completely changes when it comes to Sajis. He glares at Yaquel like a woman driven by jealousy.

Is there a deep relationship between Eunick and Sajis?


“There is no man as magnificent as Sajis-sama. He’s a gentleman who possesses both manliness and beauty, and even just his self-confident appearance is like a painting. After being embraced by Sajis-sama in the Royal Capital once, I can’t forget those arms’ sturdiness and that heroic and sensual int*rcourse. Only Sajis-sama is that fantastic.”


Perhaps he’s reminiscing about that time, Eunick ecstatically looks up at the ceiling while hugging himself. Looking at his appearance, Yaquel

Aah, I see. Are the two of them lovers?

was convinced after coming to that conclusion. Then it’s only natural for him to be jealous. If his beloved is holding an incomprehensible man like myself, he’ll obviously be mad. Even if I was unaware, I’ve done something inexcusable.


“I’m sorry. I had no idea that Sajis-sama has such a beautiful lover like you. I understand. I’ll refuse the next time Sajis-sama nominates me.”


Yaquel bowed his head to Eunick.




Yaquel flinches in shock at the sudden outcry.


“I’m not his lover! Of course, I will be very happy if I do become his lover! But Sajis-sama cannot have a particular partner. That’s why I begged him over and over again to at least have a physical relationship! But Sajis-sama never sleeps with anyone a second time, whether they’re women or men! And yet! Despite that, he holds you repeatedly, doesn’t he…? Something like that… how can there be something like that……”


Large drops of tears overflow from Eunick’s big eyes.


“H, hey…”


The angry Eunick suddenly starts crying and Yaquel is flustered and doesn’t know what he should do.

To comfort Eunick, he went to his side for the time being and tried to stroke his head. But Yaquel stopped his hand. Eunick probably doesn’t want the person he hates to comfort him.

Yaquel took back his hand that has lost its destination and wildly ruffled his own hair in perplexity.


“…Why is it you? What’s so good about you? How are you better? You’re not cute, nor are you pretty, you’re just a boorish guy…”


Yaquel agreed with Eunick’s sobbing complaint and, Yes, you’re absolutely right, greatly nodded his head.

 And then Yaquel thinks it over. What he said was the truth. What’s so good about him that makes Sajis choose him? It’s not just Sajis. Guinn is also the same. What’s so good about holding him?


“Oh… could it be…”


Eunick responded to Yaquel’s voice that sounded like he discovered something.


“What is it?”

“Maybe it’s because of my a**hole.


“That’s right. Sajis-sama and Guinn-sama often said things like ‘It’s like a living creature’, or ‘I’m getting swallowed.’ I’m not doing anything. It could be that a demon or something devilish is living in my a**hole.” (TN: wat…..)


Yaquel said his thoughts out loud extremely seriously.

It was Eunick who became flabbergasted towards Yaquel.


“Are you messing around with me…?”

“I’m not! Other than that, there’s no other reason for such handsome and prestigious noble men to like holding me.”


Eunick, who was overwhelmed by Yaquel’s intensely serious persuasion, calmed down at once and started to think.

That certainly makes sense. There must be something for him(S) so hold a man who is neither attractive appearance-wise nor a tantalizing body figure.

Eunick sighed heavily and


“Got it. I’ll check your a**hole.”


resolutely grabbed both of Yaquel’s shoulders.