Hana-Hana’s day off is on the 20th day of the month and the entire day is a rest day. Some go home, others go shopping with their friends, and there are also those who stay in their own rooms to relax, each of them freely spends their holiday.

Yaquel, who has no home to return to nor a friend to spend time with, thinks that moving his body is more comfortable so he’s chopping some firewood and tidying up the warehouse without being asked.

The prostitute, Nila, called Yaquel who tied up the firewood into a bundle and was bringing it to the warehouse.

Nila is this shop’s veteran prost*tute.


“Isn’t it fine to not work at least during your rest day?”

“You’re right, but I feel restless.”


Ever since that day he discussed his dreams with Retana, he was more enthusiastic to work than ever before. He wants to improve the shop as much as possible. He couldn’t restrain his feelings and it made him unable to stay still even during his rest day.


“You’re still the same as always, Yaquel.”

“Yes. I also think so.”


‘Ahaha’ In the field of view of Nila who laughed, Yaquel’s hair that shone under the sunlight entered the field of view of Nila who laughed.


“It has already reached your ears. Should I cut it for you?”

“Is it alright with you? You don’t have any other plans, Nila-san?”

“Yeah. Since I have an appointment with Retana-san to go shopping this afternoon, I’m free now.”

“Is that true? Then, please.”


The nimble-handed Nila didn’t only cut Yaquel’s hair when asked but also the other workers in Hana-Hana.

Yaquel sits on the wooden stool that he himself set up. There, Nila put a cloth on his shoulder which she had sewn from old rags.


“It’s a beautiful dark-gray color.”


While Nila was combing Yaquel’s hair, she enjoyed its texture.

Yaquel’s hair is a bit stiff and his short hair has already reached his ears. He tried letting it grow longer once but his bangs would sometimes poke his eyes and his sweat was hard to dry, it didn’t suit him. His hair color is dark gray just as Nila said. Some of his hair would also sometimes appear silver when light shines on it.

Nila said that it’s a beautiful color but Yaquel didn’t like his hair color that much.


“When I was young, I was often told by children in my neighborhood that it was a dirty rain cloud color.”


They would often call it dirty, and there were also times when stones were thrown at him. That’s why he doesn’t think his hair color looks good. There was even a time when he was jealous of the hair color of a boy around his age when they passed by each other, he wondered whether he wouldn’t have been treated like that if his hair was blond.


“I see. I like it. The color of the rain cloud. After all, rain brings blessing to the earth.”


Nila skillfully snipped at it with scissors and a wooden comb.


“That makes sense. I don’t hate the rain either.”

“That’s right. We can understand how great the clear weather is because rain exists. It will be depressing if there’s only clear weather. That’s why I also love the color of your hair.”


If Nila says so then this hair color may not be that bad. Yaquel subconsciously pulled his bangs trying to check the color.


“Hey now, don’t move.”

“I’m, I’m sorry.”


He drew his shoulders back after being cautioned.


“Ahh, Yaquel, that’s not fair~. Nee-san, me, too.”

“Aria? I’ll be done soon so wait for a while.”


Aria returned from her shopping and dropped by the garden. Nila is the one Aria, who is considered as the older sister amongst the younger prostitutes, trusts and relies on the most here in Hana-Hana.


“There, it’s done, Yaquel.”

“Thank you very much. I feel refreshed.”

“Oooh, Yaquel, you’ve become a handsome man.”

“A, Aria-san. Please don’t tease me.”


Yaquel, who wasn’t used to being praised for his face, vacated his seat to Aria with reddened ears.

Aria and Nila found Yaquel’s reactions amusing and,‘Yoo~, sexy guy!’ ‘Aah. Yaquel is such a fine man.’ They teased him.

And then Yaquel, whose face has also finally turned red, ‘Please give me a break’ ran away from the two.


“He ran away.”

“Did we overdo it?”


Aria and Nila giggled while looking at Yaquel who, despite having such a huge body, ran away like a small bundle when being praised.

And after confirming that Yaquel’s back can no longer be seen completely, Aria’s light-hearted expression vanished and she looked at Nila with a cryptic expression.


“……Is something the matter, Aria?”

“Nee-san. We got involved with the prostitutes from another shop.”


“It seems that they don’t like how prosperous our shop is getting recently.”

“Huh, what are you saying?”


“What’s wrong?”

“They excessively wanted to know the name of the prost*tute that Guinn-sama and Sajis-sama favored.”

“You mean Yaquel…….]

“Yeah. I think it’s alright because our workers here have tight lips but, it looks like the other shop(s) are eagerly looking for him.”

“Well that’s probably the case. That’s because the commander of the Krantz Knights who is trusted by even His Majesty, as well as the young nobleman of the Yandalunia Dukedom who is one of the most celebrated flowers of the Krantz Kingdom frequently come here. Of course, any shop would desperately desire to have them as customers.”

“They probably wanted to know the level of the prostitute that the two of them nominated. They(shops) probably feel that if they(S&G) find Hana-Hana’s prost*tutes to be acceptable, maybe they’ll(S&G) want their(shops) own prost*tutes, too.”

“What a seriously irritating story.”


Aria and Nila couldn’t help themselves because they didn’t like how they were being looked down upon. The prostitutes in Hana-Hana are by no means worse than the ones from other shops. Even their appearance and services totally won’t lose to them. It’s just that because of the shop’s location and the spot was bad, rumors that ghosts and demonic beasts needlessly spread and customers receded. But those rumors have been successfully overshadowed now thanks to Yaquel.


“Nee-san. I absolutely want to protect that child.”

“Yes. Of course.”


Aria and Nila are determined to protect Yaquel, who is straining his body and making this shop lively,  no matter what.


However, as if mocking their resolution, a man appeared near Yaquel who was cooling off the heat on his face on the nearby river.


“You’re Yaquel?”


Yaquel looks back in response to the clear, well-projected voice, and notices a man standing behind him. Even Yaquel recognized that face.

It was the number 1 male prostitute of the most popular shop along the main street.