Okay, Yaquel, who stood up and wiped off his sweat, seriously checked the completed signboard.



Good, it was done well.


Yaquel giggled at his own masterpiece. He was making a signboard with the words “Hana-Hana” on a large wooden board with a number of small light stones attached to it.

The sign that the shop had for a long time was as simple as using spray to write words. Its deterioration has become obvious lately so Yaquel decided to make a new signboard. Since he’s going to make it, he wants to make a good one. That was when Yaquel got a hint from that male brothel’s colorful lamp along the main street. But Hana-Hana still can’t afford to buy a large number of high-end lamps. Therefore, Yaquel decided to use the light stones he gathered during the times when he went up the mountain to hunt and pick up edible wild plants ever since he was young. The light stone had no particular effect and was a stone that only glowed by itself in response to the moonlight. This is cost-effective since it does not require fuel. It won’t be as bright during rainy days compared to a clear moonlit night, but it should still shine a little.


While staring at the completed signboard, Yaquel felt an indescribable sense of fulfillment.

He decided to do what he can for Hana-Hana, Retana, his other co-workers, and the customers who come to the shop. However, he realized that he was also doing it for himself. For Yaquel, nothing makes him happier than seeing everyone’s happy face. If, in the future, Hana-Hana can attract more customers… If Hana-Hana becomes the most popular shop in Pyacca… won’t I be able to see their smile even more?

Yaquel’s eyes shone brightly.

It was at that moment that his desire to simply be with Hana-Hana forever was changed into “making Hana-Hana the most popular shop in Pyacca”.




“Oh. Is that a new signboard?”



The clerk approached Yaquel who was promptly changing the signboard. The cler stood next to Yaquel and they both looked at the sign.


“It doesn’t look bad. Is it light stones?”

“Yes. Although, I only had a small number of light stones so it feels unsatisfying…”

“No, on the contrary, this much is just fine. After all. the over-the-top glare doesn’t fit this shop’s image.”

“You can say that for sure.”

“Haha, if Retana-san hears that, she might say “It’s my bad for having a shop that lacks an impression!” and give you a beating.”


The clerk’s impersonation of Retana was so accurate that Yaquel also ended up laughing out loud.

While the clerk who saw Yaquel’s precious laugh got carried away and repeatedly impersonated Retana, he inadvertently heard the sound of a pulling carriage at the distance.


“That must be Saji-sama.”

-“So it seems.”



A dazzling white and silver carriage arrived in front of the shop, and Yaquel and the clerk bowed their heads in greeting at the entrance.

Upon coming out of the door opened by his servant, Sajis saw Yaquel’s face and quickly got off the carriage.


“Welcome and thank you for coming.”

“Welcome, Sajis-sama.”


As Yaquel and the clerk greet him, Sajis impatiently puts his arm around Yaquel’s waist and enters the shop.


“It is unusual for Yaquel to come out and welcome me.”

“Yes. I just happened to be setting up the shop’s signboard.”

“Hey, shouldn’t you say that you’ve been waiting for me even if it’s a lie?”

“Oh, yes, you’re right. I, I’m very sorry.”


Looking at Yaquel’s flustered appearance, Sajis laughed out loud and the arrogance from when he first came to the shop couldn’t be felt.


“I will prepare a room right away. Please wait in the room over there.”


When the clerk was about to guide him over


“No, there’s no need for a room. I came to talk to the female shopkeeper today. Please call her over.”


Instructed to be called, Retana rushed over and she entered the common room with Sajis. The clerk and Yaquel went back to their respective workplaces while wondering what it was about.

After a while, Sajis, who finished talking with Retana, said he was going to return so the clerk called Yaquel over.


“Yaquel, I’m sorry I couldn’t be with you today. There’s just a meeting that I need to attend no matter what.”

“No. I will wait for your return, Sir.”


Sajis pulled Yaquel over and kissed him. And when Sajis was about to get out of the shop, Yaquel called to stop him as if he remembered something.


“Oh, that’s right! Sajis-sama.”

“What is it?”

“Thank you so much for the other day.”

“Hm? About what?”

“It’s about the myshall meat.”

“…Aah, that?”


The other day. the reward party that he talked about with Aria previously was held the other day. The party was as lively as Yaquel expected but, the biggest excitement was the appearance of myshall steak meat that was good for 50 people.

Myshall is an animal that can only be found in a part of the mountain and has a high rarity value. Its body is moderately firm but it becomes tender once you heat it and its texture feels like it will melt in your tongue. And of course, since it’s high-class meat, most people in Hana-Hana have never eaten it. And it was Sajis who gave them 50 portions of such meat.

Sajis, who came to the shop, noticed Yaquel’s good mood the day before the party, asked him a leading question, and heard about the reward party. Sajis pretended to be uninterested at that time, but he shrewdly prepared high-class meat for Yaquel.


“Was it delicious?”

“Yes! I have never eaten myshall meat before that I greedily ate 3 portions worth of it!”

“I see. It’s enough as long as you’re happy.”

“I’m sorry. I should have thanked you sooner…”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It’s great to see you looking so happy.”

“Sajis-sama… I’m truly grateful to you.”


Sajis said ‘That’s enough with the thank you’ to Yaquel who bowed deeply, he gently said ‘I’ll come again’ and entered the carriage. And as Yaquel sent the carriage away with his gaze,


Guinn-sama. Sajis-sama is a good man.


He whispered in his heart.




After Sajid left, who was told by Retana to go to her room after his work is done, finished up and visited Retana’s room.


“I saw the sign board. You made it well.”

“Thank you very much.”

“It looked wonderful when illuminated by the moonlight. Even the customers praised that it perfectly fit with this Hana-Hana.”

“Really? I’m glad to hear that.”


Yaquel feels exalted at Retana’s praise. Let’s keep working even harder. It was then that he clenched his fists and thought as such.


“Yaquel, a topic about redeeming you came up.”


Contrary to Retana’s serious voice that contains heaviness to it, Yaquel, Oh, it’s about Guinn-sama, didn’t think too deeply about it.

I already turned down the talk for redemption and Guinn also understood it. There’s nothing to worry about. But Yaquel felt unsettled at Retana’s mysterious expression.

That’s right. What ‘no worries’? If he thinks about Retana and the shop, they can get a lot of money and there will be one less mouth to feed. Was it unacceptable to have declined to be redeemed… No, but I want to work in the shop with everyone. I want to see Hana-Hana’s future together.

What should I do…


“Sajis-sama said that he wants to come and take you away tomorrow.”


Hearing Sajis’ name instead of Guinn, Yaquel, “EEH…!” exclaimed in shock.