Sorry for the late post but here it is. If you find any mistakes(be it grammar or something else), feel free to (gently) tell me. 🙂

Nothing ever goes well whenever I decide to seriously plan something. Like, EVER! I heard that planning for the future makes the life’s path more visible but how on earth can I do it when it’s always interrupted by something? It as if fate decides to smack me with a giant hammer whenever I think something is possible. Even the small plan of saving for my sister’s birthday next year, destiny be like, “No, bitch. You’re not allowed to do that!” And BAM, family problems and we need to build another place for us to stay since we need to leave the house we’re currently living. What on earth am I supposed to do if even some so insignificant isn’t doable? Huh?! This is where the the line “F#&k my life!” enter. Hahhhh… If you accidentally read this, sorry for the rant. •_•