VD Extra 1.1

Here’s the first extra chapter Horun Part 1. The “plot” will be on maybe friday or saturday since I will be out all day tomorrow. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) (Gosh, I love this face.)


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Okkun’s invisible conrner~

So my niece who is actually older than me got pregnant before. I was curious how a pregnant woman’s stomach would feel so I asked to touch it when we met that one time. After a month, she gave birth to a dead baby. It might not be a big deal but somehow, my unbelievable brain believes that the baby died because I touched it. Now my only friend is pregnant and I’m too afraid to even get near her. Ahh~, how to cure this strange thoughts of mine….  See? If you’re reading this now, it’s totally nonsensical.