Four Ikemen 24

Ultra short and ultra late chapter 24. I just figured that even if my eyes get worse, once I get my glasses(which has been postponed once again because of reasons), I will still be able to clearly see again. The prescription will just increase even more. ?? So~ I will try to catch up with whatever chapters I delayed. And Otome Game…. please do be patient with the last chapter. I’m slooo~wly moving through the first part. There will only be two.

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Okkun’s Invisible Corner~

You know that feeling when you realize watching certain types of movies affect your mentality but still watch it anyway? I’ve been watching Criminal Minds and Bones before and now I’m paranoid af. I don’t turn my volume too high so if somebody ever sneaks up behind me, I will notice immediately. Even though I know it’s far from happening, but who knows?