VD 12

Here’s the last chapter of VD. Well, even if I say last we all know there are extras because the author is a wonderful person. Btw, I read a review on NU saying there’s no plot. But it’s okay, there’s still the “plot”. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 


Also, this has been my mood this past week.

My motivation to work on the chapters flew somewhere and still hasn’t returned. Ugh. I(my sister) will be getting myself a new pair of spectacles this weekend. Who knows if I’ll get fired up after I start wearing one again instead of always squinting my eyes. ? Oh well.


Okkun’s invisible corner~

Well, although my motivation to dish out chapters has waned recently, it won’t hurt to still add this. If you’re reading this then you must have accidentally highlighted this part. Eh, I was originally planning to post this chapter last night but there was an incidend(probably) in our neighborhood. I got so anxious that I went to bed immediately to calm my nerves. Just paranoid people stuff.



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